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Keep in mind that rodent control is dangerous and if you have a number of rodents, you should consider using a pest control expert. Now there are times when preventive solutions to ward off rodent infestations simply don’t seem to work especially when it can be described as fairly extensive. Now when it comes to eradicating rodent infestations, people can make use of poison bait, traps or both! Pioneer protect structures of all shapes and sizes from mice & rats, using a variety of rodent control solutions throughout St.
Using a box propped up with bait inside that is triggered to release can work on small rodents. Remove any traps or evidence of rodents, such as droppings, and wear a protective facemask and gloves. These professionals have access to effective and safe methods that can eradicate rodents and keep your home free of rats and mice.
Rodents represent some of the most common types of pests among property owners and even commercial establishments. In this case, identifying the source of the problem is the best approach to actually seeking out an effective solution for your rodent problem. Snap shut traps that kill rodents on contact or glue traps are some of the most common rodent control products on the market.

If your rodent problem is fairly extensive, it would be pest to opt for a licensed professional controller for the task with decades of experience in the field.
Rodents transmit fatal diseases in their droppings and in the parasites that normally infest them, such as ticks and fleas. Rodents carry dozens of diseases that can be passed on to humans, and you may never even see them!
Whether you need us to evict a pest once or are looking for a long-term maintenance plan, we are here with the tools needed to protect your home or business.
Rooting them out is rarely ever easy and demands among other things, the removal of possible food and water sources as well as securing areas that such pests can use as shelter. Trouble is that rodent infestations aren’t easy to detect for many people unless the problem has gone really bad. Using box traps outdoors is also a way to control outdoor rodents, such as gophers and chipmunks. Sealing holes and building barriers as well as various changes to your property can also help ward off rodent infestations. As a matter of fact, you might not even see one around your property but that doesn’t mean your property is safe from rodent infestations. Make it a point to regularly clean up your place to further discourage the presence of rodents in your living space.

It’s not a reason to ease up on your efforts either; rodents can cause property damage and help spread a wide array of diseases!
Peanut butter, cheese and fruit can be placed in snap traps and will draw rodents to the food source. Controlling pests - like rodents - in the home, provides a safer and healthier environment. To avoid contact with the rodents, or the parasites they carry, it is best to hire an experienced professional. Whether your home is already infested with rats or if you only suspect you may have a rat problem, Green Valley can assist you with natural rat control and rodent extermination procedures including sanitation, restricting rat access in hard to reach areas as well as using rodenticides and undergoing bait selection and placement.
Green Valley Pest Control is an all-inclusive rodent control and pest removal company that can provide extermination services for chipmunks and other common rodents found in the Greater Vancouver regional district.
Our mice control and rodent extermination process is fast, easy, effective and eco-friendly. Talk to our insect and pest control experts about how to eliminate insects, rodents and even urban wildlife such as birds, squirrels, raccoons, bats and more.

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