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The Rochester Yellowjackets represent the University of Rochester’s collegiate sports team as a whole. In 1992, the University of Rochester implemented a hall of fame for the students, alumni, coaches, or other sports personnel who competed with an outstanding record or distinguished themselves by their service to the University’s athletic department. Thomas Hayes, a football player for the Rochester Royals, was named first in his team for the All-Conference. Shop your University of Rochester Apparel Store for the latest selection of Yellowjackets fan gear!

The University of Rochester, in Rochester, New York is a smaller college but boasts a good deal of athletic ability. Your team store allows you to customize clothing for every type of University of Rochester Yellowjackets fan. The University features a total of twenty-one sports teams, ten sports divisions for the men and eleven for the women, with volleyball teams only for the women students at the university. Whether you’re a current student, parent, player, fan or alumni, you’ll find over 500 products to customize from, including University of Rochester T Shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags , and more.

She contributed twelve points and ten rebounds during a championship game, leading the Rochester Royals to victory. The Rochester Royal baseball players often wear a gray jersey with navy detail and lettering, outlined in gold.

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