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If you want to get rid of flying squirrels, the methods are fairly similar to the removal of Eastern Gray Squirrels.
Step 1) Inspect the attic and be sure that you are in fact dealing with flying squirrels - they are identifyable by their droppings, tracks, scent, or by visual confirmation. Although flying squirrels can glide for long distances, 100 feet or more depending on the starting height, Eastern Gray Squirrels can also jump a fair distance. What To Know About Flying Squirrels - If you think you can hear all kinds of things scratching and scrabbling in the middle of the night you may well have an infestation of flying squirrels. Reader Email: Hello David - We ran across your very informative site, when we realized we have a flying squirrel ((hopefully, just one) in our attic.
We put two and two together and figured that the squirrel had taken up residence in the attic. It seems squirrels love to chew through cedar shingles more than any other roofing material. Upon responding to the Oak Brook squirrel removal call, we noticed we would have to close up one side of the entry points to funnel the squirrels into traps.
After we sealed off one side of the Oak Brook nuisance squirrel entry ways, we secured a one way door trap to the other side to capture any squirrels trying to leave or come inside. Flying squirrels live in colonies and love to spread the news if they find a great place to live.

Last week, while cleaning out our gutters, I evidently disturbed a flying squirrel who came out from under the edge of a ridge vent and flew into a woodpile on the side of the house.
Cedar being a light weight soft wood is no match for a squirrels teeth and when that’s all that stands in the way of them and a safe spot to nest. This squirrel hole in the Oak Brook roof had multiple entry ways all leading to the same den. Oak Brook Squirrel removal sometimes takes a little innovation to get the right set up for full squirrel family removal. As with regular squirrels, the flying variety can also cause a lot of damage with the amount of chewing and gnawing they have to do in order to keep their ever-growing teeth to a manageable level. Chewing for this size hole must have been hours worth of work however the Oak Brook home owner didn’t realize anything until squirrel noises were heard in the attic. We used our high grade heavy duty steel grating that we use on all of our home squirrel proofing work to make sure the nuisance squirrels couldnt chew out.
The only way to successfully remove flying squirrels is by trapping them and then removing them far away from your property. We recently had a Burr Ridge squirrel removal request for pest squirrel control out of an attic space. Chicken wire, sheet metal and hardware cloth can all be destroyed by squirrels trying to enter or escape.

Oak Brook area squirrel control can be easy when hard work and thought is put into the set up. Trapping one or two is not enough; you MUST make sure you have evicted every single flying squirrel from your attic. Upon entering the attic the squirrel shamelessly ran across the attic and out its entry hole. Fast paced running back and fourth are usually what home owners report the squirrel noises in an attic to sound like. Over the following days, seal up all the cracks, holes, and crevices in your home but one so the squirrel can leave.
Burr Ridge squirrel removal and extermination needs are at its peak during the fall season. It will take some time for y0u to remove all your flying squirrels and you must ensure you have them all and then seal the remaining holes. Relocate your visitors far away from your home unless you want them to chew their way back in.

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