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This trap effectively catches and kills Eastern Grey Squirrels while posing very little risk to non-target wildlife or pets. Kania Trap 2000 should be secured to the tree trunk where the Eastern Grey Squirrels have been observed at 5 to 7 feet above the ground to prevent access from Young Children and other Non-Targets.
Traps can also be secured under roof eves, inside attics, or locations on houses where squirrels frequent. Release the trap spring in early morning to prevent catching non-target species such as Western Red Squirrels or House Cats. Do not use meat bait for Squirrels or Opossums, as this will draw un-wanted species such as Racoons, House Cats, Dogs and other Non-Targets. I found this great video from the guys over at Sigma 3 Survival on making a simple squirrel pole snare trap. This entry was posted in bugging out, Bushcraft, doomsday, doomsday prepping, Hunting, outdoors, Prepping, SHTF, Sigma3, Survival, Trapping, wilderness and tagged Bugging Out, Bushcraft, doomsday, doomsday prepping, Hunting, Outdoors, Prepping, SHTF, Sigma3, Survival, Trapping, Wilderness on July 24, 2013 by yabbo.
With many people now calling for a mass cull of the grey squirrel, it may be a good time to examine the various methods of squirrel control in a rural environment.
In an urban situation there is a never ending supply of squirrels and, like foxes if you remove one, another quickly takes over the vacant territory, in nature, a vacuum isn't tolerated for very long. Total eradication of the grey squirrel is now virtually impossible, like the rabbit he is here to stay, all we can do is try to keep on top of the situation. Like a lot of wild animals, the squirrel has quickly adapted to an urban existence, a freshly replenished supply of food from bird tables and bins means he has no need to struggle to find food in his natural environment. One of the best traps of the instant kill type for squirrels is the Kania, they are a little costly to buy, but are extremely efficient in effecting a humane kill every time.
I camouflage mine with a little vegetation, and baited with peanut butter, they prove irresistible to the ever-inquisitive squirrel.
Wooden tunnel traps and Mk 4 Fenn traps, placed at the base of a tree is another method I frequently use, a lot of squirrels can be caught in the autumn using this method.

If you take care of the dreys in March or April you are disrupting the main breeding period and this can dramatically reduce the squirrel population. I regularly walk around the woods every couple of weeks or so from February to May and systematically blast every drey I see, it keeps the squirrels constantly moving and this eventually leads to the dreys being completely abandoned. Another popular method used to be the use of warfarin mixed with grain and dispensed from a hopper that only allowed access to the grey squirrel. You can disguise them with a little vegetation, but if the public find it hard to spot them, so will the squirrel, which is not what you want. For a novel use of a cage trap, I had a client who required me to remove some squirrels that had eaten through the lid of a waste bin to get at the food waste inside. As pest controllers, we have our part to play in trying to keep the grey squirrel numbers down, and we can make a difference, however small, in the areas in which we each work. On a lighter note, if you are catching any number of squirrels, there is a market out there for the tails. Sense I have no experience trapping its one of the skills I am always looking to learn more about.
Like most pest controllers, the majority of calls I get regarding grey squirrels, is to remove them from roof spaces, sometimes only one, but more often than not an entire family. Now I must stress, the areas I control contain no red squirrels, so I can use all methods of control on the greys. I use a few Kanias, permanently set high up on the trunks of the squirrels' favourite trees and, have only ever caught squirrels in them, all of which were instantly killed by the very powerful spring mechanism. The squirrels enter from the underside of the trap and I am sure they would catch even without the attraction of bait, they cannot resist inspecting anything new. As they search out a food source to see them through the coming winter, a tunnel, baited with maize will prove very effective in luring the squirrel onto the trigger plate of the trap. It gets all the squirrels in the area used to feeding in exactly the place you want them, and if you leave a few tunnels without traps around the same spot, they will soon accept them as part of the scenery. It requires two people to do the job properly, one to poke the dreys with the lofting poles, and the other waiting with the shotgun to shoot any bolting squirrels.

I would always worry about what other animals may feed on the squirrel carcases, and so for that reason I never use this method. Baited with maize or peanuts they are highly visible from up in the tree canopy, and squirrels can seldom refuse a free meal. That said, cages are hard to beat for catching squirrels, they seem to enter them with little, if any, hesitation, and any non-target species caught can be released unharmed. Remember, it is an offence to release a grey squirrel into the countryside, so all squirrels need to be humanely dispatched, even if a few white lies are needed on occasions to pacify the more sensitive members of the public.
If the areas you work contain red squirrels, then only live catch traps can be used, for obvious reasons. I use a tunnel with only one entrance to allow the squirrel entry, and the maize is placed at the back of the tunnel so the squirrel has to pass over the trap to get at the bait. Sometimes the dreys are too high in the tree canopy to reach with the lofting poles, so a blast from the choke barrel is needed to get the squirrels moving. For this reason, I never dispatch a squirrel on site, I always cover them in a blanket, and take them away for destruction later.
Once the firing spring goes off, there is no handling of a distraught captured squirrel or re-locating such as with a live trap. If you can sort out the dreys in a period of cold wet weather, you are more likely to find the dreys occupied, squirrels hate getting wet and chilled, indeed, this can and does often prove fatal.
On the subject of humane dispatch, we owe it to whatever species we cull to make sure it is done as quickly and cleanly as possible, with squirrels or mink, a shot to the head with a high-powered air rifle or the .22 rimfire is the most effective.
On no account should anyone try to drown a squirrel it is both cruel and inhumane, and anyone who carries out such practises, shouldn't be involved in pest control.

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