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Above image: Red imported fire ant Solenopsis invicta, Red Imported fire ants are a notifiable pest species and therefore, if found, you must contact your local Department of Primary Industries. The black house and (Figure 1), and a few related species, are shining black and 2-3mm long.
All species are strongly coloured orange- or red-brown, green, brown or black or a combination of these colours; the integument is not semi-transparent. If you suspect someone is munching on your house, leaving little piles of sawdust behind, it might not be termites that you need to be worried about.
Carpenter ants are the big thing around here.  Always hate to find those little buggers at our home inspections! They do not usually enter houses but can be a nuisance in gardens, where they nest in lawns and rockeries.

Nest entrances can often be located by following ants carrying food, and small pieces of sweet food or cooked meat may be used as bait. Ants will only infest timber which is already damaged and decayed-they do not initiate damage.
The debris is produced by ants and can include faecal pellets, wood fragments, dust and fibres and the remains of insects and spiders, as shown by microscopic examination. Trails, which are well defined, may extend over long distances and go up into shrubs and trees, where the ants feed on honeydew from sap-sucking insects.
Commercially prepared bait toxicants or ant baits are effective against some species, which take sweet foods, such as black house ants and minute ants. You really do noeed a apro to get rid of some ants and if you are moving South those benign looking little brown ants are fire ants !!!

Trails can be sprayed, but this is not effective because surviving ants will mark new trails away from the treated areas. Ants discard the wood fragments and other debris, giving the impression that timber is being damaged.
The bait is placed next to an existing trail and should be offered as long as there are ants collecting it. However, as previously stated, in Australia ants do not damage sound timber and the wood fragments in debris are associated with cleaning activities.

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