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Writing an Adwords ad is like preparing your fruit, cutting it into small pieces, squeezing the juices out to liberate the scent. Now, just like the flytrap is not just a fruit, but also a paper cone and a small container, Quality Score is not just about CTR. The single most important element of an effective fruit-fly trap is a fruit that flies REALLY like. As a different solution to the same problem: we use a vaccuum cleaner to get rid of fruit flies.

Vacuum cleaner… hmm, that would be an unfair advantage against my little fruit fly trap. You’re writing about your product, which is the fruit itself, and you want it to attract as many fruit flies as you can. Only those who’ve built effective fruit flies traps get the highest scores and all the benefits that go with it. Sorry sir, your competition has a better fruit fly trap than you do and that’s what Google is telling you with those low scores.

When flies come flying over, they smell the irresistible scent of the fruit and adventure themselves into the cone.

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