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People often blame poultry for the presence of rodents but rats and mice are attracted to many other factors such as compost heaps, food put out to feed wild birds, sheds for shelter, etc. Mustelidae or Mustelids (weasel family, stoats, mink, pine martins, ferets) can be quite destructive but are easy to trap as they are very curious, unlike rats that are very suspicious.
A good way of getting rid of rats with poison is to lay a few lengths of PVC drain pipes around the run, peg down, drill a large hole in the centre, pour in a good amount of rat poison and close the hole with a cork. Rats like to run through tunnels which can be made with wood for traps (bottom-right above).

Our standard wooden rat trap is best used in pairs for single rats inside houses, garages, outbuildings or stores, simple to bait and set, great for setting in roof voids, under floorboards, cheap enough to be disposable, effective enough to cure the problem.
Rats are difficult to eradicate as they can breed throughout the year if conditions are suitable, a female producing up to five litters a year. However if there are no signs of rats do not put out rat poison as it might be eaten by mice and voles. If there is often a problem with rats change the type of bait you use regulary so that they do not get immune to it.

An automatic pop-hole closer is expensive but can be worth it to keep rats out of the coop at night. Vitamin C in chicken feed can act as a very effective antidote to many types of poison except from those containing difenacoum.

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