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In this picture, I have trapped a few rats on a typical rodent trapping job in a typical attic of a typical suburban Florida house. Since I did not know how many rats were there in the attic, I set about 15 traps along the corners of the room where I was sure the rats usually travelled from. In the middle of the night, I was awakened by squirrels or rats in the crawl space above my bedroom. So, the Associations KNEW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that there were active infestations in the attic of Building 16 of Edgewater Isle. The Board reviewed the letter from the Homeowner and discussed the feedback the attorney had provided.

Actually, the request included an inspection of the entire Building 16 attic, but you know boards of directors: the meeting minutes don't always completely reflect what went on. Regardless, Edgewater Isle North's board of directors unanimously agreed not to inspect an attic they knew had an ongoing rodent infestation. After the hearing was over and Kelly McGuirk was dismissed, she went to the San Mateo County courthouse 2 weeks later and lied to the Court Clerk and attempted to pickup the homeowner's documents. This house, in fact, had quite a few of these uninvited guests partying around in the attic. Master Association did note the problem in its March 2005 meeting minutes, saying the problem had been forwarded to their attorney who denied any responsibility for the problem.

This species of rats is known as roof rat and it has an inclination towards height, which makes perfect sense why this bunch of rats chose the attic to spend their lives in. There were also a few other holes and vents in the attic, which the owners probably never paid attention to until there was a rat infestation in the house.

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