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The hunting and eating of mice is very deeply entrenched in the customs and traditions of the Tumbuka people of Eastern rural Zambia. For those looking for a humane option, using a rat trap comprised of a metal cage with a special mechanism designed to close once the rat enters the cage. As a delicacy, mice might be offered with the nshima staple traditional meal, which is cooked by boiling water and stirring corn meal into it until the mixture is thick.

Rats would walk up the ramp and try to walk on the corks, fall through and drown in the beer. Substitute what you must for your situation, perhaps you have some rotten food that’d otherwise make you sick. One time I threw the dead mouse out with the water and didn’t refill it out of laziness, and another time I had only a little water that eventually evaporated.

Also, unlike snap traps where the mouse may spring the trap and survive, there is no room for error with this one.

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