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In fact, if you actually show the sceptical person your own fancy rats, they may be a bit timid at first, but they will invariably end up  stroking them, holding them and then saying how very nice they are. From here, it’s a short step to explaining that there are now clubs for fancy rat enthusiasts all over the UK – indeed, in several other  countries around the world too – and that there are regular shows, where fancy rats are shown in competition against each other, just like dogs and cats, rabbits and other domestic animals. As we have seen in the previous instalment of this series, the original rat fancy, under the auspices of the National Mouse and Rat  Club, eff ectively lasted from 1901 to 1931.
Posted in Child, Hot News !, Pets Tagged best rat trap bait food, pack rat trap bait, rat trap bait peanut butter, roof rat trap bait, what to use for rat trap bait. Ewww!” But this fairly standard knee-jerk reaction will give way in most cases to interest and acceptance as you  explain that these are domesticated – fancy – rats, not at all like the wild vermin that live in sewers, barns and derelict buildings.

Sometimes, you might even find someone who is quite open to  the concept of rats as pets and has either heard of them, seen them or may be even keeps fancy rats themselves.
Indeed, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers  Association’s annual report, as of 2011, they ranked around eighth in the table of Top Ten Pets in the UK. There was a time when fancy rats were almost unheard of, confined very much to a handful of enthusiasts, as well as being kept as laboratory animals or as snake food. In fact, during the last ten years of that period, fancy rats were rapidly in decline as exhibition animals.
Times and attitudes change of course and a lot of this had to do with the formation of the modern rat fancy.

After that, there were a few attempts to revive interest in fancy rats every decade or so, but sadly, these usually  petered out, as there never seemed to be enough enthusiasts to keep things going.

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