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Most sprays are contact kill insecticides that kill bugs shortly after coming in direct contact with the pesticide or its residue. CB D- Force HPX – long residual insecticide that controls over 50 different species of pests including bed bugs.
Tempo SC Ultra – Like the Suspend SC, Tempo SC is a soluble concentrate with a long residual time. After the chemical DDT, a synthetic pesticide, was banned, the bed bugs issue has been rising again.
It takes long time and precision with multiple treatments to fully rid yourself of bed bugs.

We have many different types of bed bugs kits on our site to help control, prevent, and get rid of them.
Making it safe enough to be able to spray on mattresses, box springs, and any upholstery or surfaces where people may come in direct contact with often. Therefore IGRs are commonly used by many professional pest control operators with the combination of liquid insecticides to help control the size of the infestation to its minimum as it continues to kill off the remaining population.
Although pyrethoids are well known to rapidly knock down the bugs that come in contact with it, it can be both irritating and repellent to many insects. I advise that you take a sample to a local entomologist or a professional pest control company.

This product is not to be used inside patient rooms in hospitals or in nursing homes for the treatment of bed bugs.

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