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There are over 500 species of carpenter bee in the world so one of the major pest control problems is carpenter bee removal. Carpenter bees are often mistaken for bumble bees, which leads to quite a bit of bad press for them. The major difference between the eastern carpenter bee and the bumble bee is that the carpenter bee only has yellow on its back where the bumble bee has yellow all the way around its body. Pantry Patrol Insect Traps - Removes stored food beetles from your pantry, kitchen, home, and business. This will get the most effective kill ratio, if you know the female bee is inside the gallery. Prevention of carpenter bee damage begins with determining if you actually have carpenter bees or another similar looking type.
While bumble bees are prone to sting without provocation, carpenter bees only sting as a last resort and only the females do at that (males are not equipped with stingers). The damage is going to depend on the length of time that carpenter bees have been in your home or structure.
When the bees get into the attic area and start to infest the truss system, the roof may become unstable leading to sagging and potential leaks. These chemical applications for carpenter bee control work by sitting on top of the wood an entering the bloodstream of the bee when it begins to burrow into the treated wood.
These bees are not the social type so there is no chance of having workers bring poison back to a central colony.
Another major way to tell is that bumble bees nest in the ground while carpenters build homes in trees, wood siding, or other wood-based materials.

This carpenter bee trap looks great and can be hung, sat or mounted to any wooden structure. The major American variety is the Xylocopa Virginica and looks quite similar to the common bumble bee.
If the bees are new to the area, they will begin burrowing out a nest in the wooden parts of your home.
The water damage caused by this type of structural compromise will only compound the cost of repairs. These chemicals only last for a week at the most and will only work if they are near a started nest or area on which the bee lands. Try these classic Glass Wasp Traps made from a high quality, thick glass in a classic beehive shape. The insecticide is most effective in early spring just as the bees are emerging from their nests after overwintering. There are several methods including carpenter bee traps, closing off or destroying nests, and introducing poison dust into each bee gallery.
If you are building in an area where carpenter bees are prevalent consider using aluminum, asbestos, asphalt, vinyl siding, or similar non-wood materials on the exterior of your building. Carpenter bee control begins with identifying every nest or potential nest in the building exterior. Wood replacement is necessary when the strength of structural members, posts, poles, and other wood products is reduced due to carpenter bee damage. Also caulk any gaps that may look inviting as potential nesting sites, especially uncapped screw or nail holes that act like starters for bee nests.

Carpenter bee nest entrances are holes are perfect circles about the size of a pencil eraser. This carpenter bee trap is extremely effective in preventing carpenter bee damage to your property. Any work that you are planning to do around the nest should be done at night when it is cool and the bees are less likely to be active. The most effective way to handle your bee problem is to seal off the entrance of each individual nest.
This is a time intensive activity but if you get all of the nests sealed then you will have no bees next year. If you are concerned that blocking off the entrances will cause the bees to dig deeper into the woodwork and cause more damage you may try spraying them with insecticide. Any bee killer will work, and the bees are large enough that they are easy to hit in mid-flight.
Another option is injecting poison laced dust into the bee hole and letting the bee drag it back to the larvae.
Remove all of the previously infested wood that has suffered structural damage and replace it with pressure-treated wood if possible (wolmanized lumber used to be the go-to material, but today regulations limit its use considerably).

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