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Homeowners are more likely to see evidence of wood damage rather than seeing the beetles themselves. May 8th, 2011 9:52 PMI could push a screwdriver through the wood joist pictured in this post.
You won't normally be able to see POWDER POST BEETLES (but they're not bad looking) you'll just see their dust and damage. At below left you can see typical powder post beetle or old house borer damage to a wood joist or beam.
My concern in writing this follow-up note is to be sure to point out that on a building built in the 1850's there will certainly have been leaks through its lifetime; depending on leak location, duration, severity, building materials, inteiror finishing, building occupancy, building maintenance level and similar variables, such leaks can go un-recognized for a long time, possibly allowing damage to be significant. The older the powder post beetle (or old house borer beetle) damage is, the deeper into the wood the damage will extend. When powder post beetles are active you may see light dusting of fine wood powder around some of these holes as well as on surfaces below.
Watch out: sprinkling a pet flea powder, even though it contains fipronil, may not be effective for treating termites as in a pet use formulation it's in a vehicle and at a concentration intended for safe use on animals. I can't say, MJS, but what is quite apparent from your photograph is that what appears to be insect activity, perhaps from a type of borer beetle, occurred before the tree was harvested and cut into lumber. This technology is objective and evidential in nature and provides assessment as to whether wood is significantly decayed, suspect or suitable for retention.

All sills, sub floors, joists, support posts, supporting piers, basement window frames, wood under porches. Any scrap wood on the exterior, old tree stumps, fence posts and exterior frames of basement windows. Damaged joist under LR floor, split from loading after substantial activity of powder-post beetles.
Under LR floor, joist weakened significantly by powder-post beetle activity; screwdriver is easily plunged into soft lumber. Our photograph at below left shows two signs that should tip off any inspector of a high risk of hidden insect damage: the wood siding is brought close to the ground, perhaps also at a building corner where a downspout or roof drainage spills. A competent onsite inspection by an expert usually finds additional clues that help accurately diagnose a problem including evidence of present or prior wood destroying activity at a building (termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, carpenter bees, other wood destroying insects (WDI)) or an experienced inspector can cite construction details that increase the risk of a termite or other WDI attack in the future. That said, for your building and based on the photo you provided (above left) does not look too risky in that there is good visible access to the lower foundation wall to observe any future termite mud tubes or other signs of insect activity.
At Carpenter Bee Holes & Powder Post Beetle Holes we show other holes in wood that are made by insects but that are sometimes mistaken for electric drill holes. In our powder post beetle photos above, while there was significant beam damage, the infestation did not appear active. We look for the presence of fine wood powder around the insect exit holes or on the ground below the damaged infected member as indications of recent insect activity.

How do we distinguish between carpenter ants and termites, how do we identify carpenter ant damage, carpenter bee damage, powder post beetle or old house borer damage and termite damage. Even in the case of powder post beetles, where leaks may not be immediately present, a history of high indoor or basement or crawl space moisture levels increase the risk of that attack. To me the damage looks like a type of wood boring beetle, powder post beetle or old house borer, but that's uncertain.
It is recommended that you have your house thoroughly inspected by a pest control professional trained to detect the sometimes subtle signs of termites.
Carpenter ants, carpenter bees, termites, even powder post beetles or old house borers all provide visible indications of insect activity such as entry or exit holes, mud tubes, or the presence of the insects themselves. The termites have been in this house for many years, and this sign is that there is a large infestation that has caused sever damage to the house. Here we illustrate two cases of holes that are caused by insects, not mechanical events on buildings: powder post beetle holes in wood, and carpenter bee holes in wood.

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