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Conventional pesticide applications will only kill adults and larva if they come into contact during service.  The problem with this types of treatments is bed bug harborage areas can be difficult to access, may result in exposure to humans and several follow up services will be required to eradicate new hatchings. Bed bug heat treatment services when done properly will eliminate all adult, larva and eggs.  It is important to have periodic follow up inspections and correct conditions that are conducive to re-infestation. When properly done a German roach heat treatment can kill all the adults and eggs with one service without any risk of exposure to pesticides.  Follow up inspections are recommended as well as eliminating conditions conducive to future re-infestation. Western Drywood termite heat treatment services are usually preferred over gas fumigation for expense, convenience and safety.
When you look at the physical size of these little bugs it’s hard to believe that they can destroy infested wood or a home seemingly overnight.  Calls for heat treatment for Powder Post Beetles services have increased two fold in the last five years.

Most infestations we see can be traced to a wood item or piece of wood furniture with origins from Mexico or the Far East.  The increase in imported furniture is believed to be a factor in calls for heat treatment for Powder Post Beetles services. Treatment methods can include the use of pesticides, fumigant gases, borate treatments, cold temperature or the use of heat.  Depending upon the infestation, location and other considerations one method may be more effective than the other. Pesticides can be very effective if the product can be delivered to the beetles.  This can be a challenge as these Beetles typically bore very small holes deep into the wood.
If the infestation is confined to a moveable piece of furniture simply placing the item(s) in a deep freezer at 0 degrees for at least 72 hours will provide complete eradication.  If the infested wood is thicker than 2 inches treatment times can increase. The use of heat at temperatures between 120-140 degrees for at least six hours can provide complete eradication without the use of harsh chemicals, at an affordable cost and without days of preparation.  Heat treatments for Powder Post Beetles will kill adult bugs and the larvae.

Larger infestations in multiple areas of a home may require tent fumigation or a complete heat treatment.

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