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TERC recommends you visit the tick identification page to learn more about what species transmit disease. Most tick-transmitted pathogens are only transmitted after a 24 hr or longer delay following tick attachment. It's possible to get great protection by wearing tick repellent clothing, it makes everyday tick-bite protection as easy as getting dressed in the morning. Check out the findings from a tick-bite protection study at URI that compared regular summer clothes to tick-repellent summer clothes. For example, deer ticks are not likely to survive in the middle of a sunny lawn, but they will thrive in the woody, brushy yard edges, and in ornamental plantings where it is shady, and more humid….like places covered with leaf litter.
Finally, a perimeter spray around your yard combined with Tick Tubes will kill ticks before they can latch onto you.
Sampling for ticks with a white tick flag is, indeed, how tick biologists evaluate tick encounter risk. Your donation to TickEncounter Resource Center helps support tick-bite prevention tools and tick-borne disease research.
TickEncounter.org is a leading national health promotion resource center promoting tick-bite protection and tick-borne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action. If you find yourself talking turkey this Thursday, remind family and friends that turkeys don't solve the tick problem. From June 18, 2014 - June 20, 2014, Marathon runner "The TickGuy" was featured in the Runner's World Ask Me Anything.
This spring, we talked with hundreds of kids before starting an interactive Do A Daily TickCheck learning exercise: 12 Things Kids Say About Ticks. WBUR CommonHealth and Radio Boston add more to the discussion about prevention tips and awareness with TickEncounter.

With more ticks in more places than ever before, there's never been a more appropriate time to raise your tick literacy.
Households with “in & out” pets need to be alert that pets may bring ticks in from outside. Senator Jack Reed, Tick Guy Thomas Mather, and Tick Control Pro Dave Mendell kick off the state's newest tickborne disease prevention program.
With help from "The Tick Guy", The Chronicle Show on ticks and tick borne illnesses is going to air next Tuesday night July 7th on Chronicle, WVCB-TV, Channel 5 at 7:30pm.
If you want to stay safe this summer, wear sunscreen and look out for ticks, but don’t worry about sharks. Despite a brutally cold and snowy winter across much the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, experts say tick populations across both regions are thriving this spring.
Our favorite SPRINGTIME TICKSMART™ ACTIONS – do them now (or at least soon) to stay TickSafe. TickSmart™ Daily TickCheck Cards help prevent disease by reminding people to do a daily tick check.
Daily TickCheck Cards show blacklegged ticks in full color, as well as the other common human biting ticks.
Organizations, camps, schools, businesses, or individuals can Get TickSmart by using TickCheck Cards.
University of Rhode Island researcher has been collecting adult deer ticks at a rate of more than 350 per hour!
TickEncounter recently sat down with two of Rhode Island's newest TickSmart™ Certified deer tick control experts to discuss their thoughts on tick-bite prevention for this tick season. Complete yard management works to eliminate tick habitat, discourage (by not attracting) tick-carrying wildlife, and applying tick control treatments in suitable tick habitats at the most appropriate times of the tick season.

Raking leaves, trimming shrubs and low branches are ways to let in the “dryness” that deer ticks hate. If your dog or cat comes into the house before the tick is attached, their ticks may latch onto you or other family members.
However, we often discourage folks from doing this on their own as it would likely increase the risk that tiny ticks will latch on.
Our goal is to allow URI Alumni to stand up and be counted against the spread of tick-borne disease. We received THOUSANDS of TickSpotters reports from citizen scientists across America in 2014!
It turns out all that snow may have benefited one of our tiniest, but still-menacing, nemeses: the tick. And in the East, watch out for male and female blacklegged (deer) ticks if there's a January thaw. We'll send out timely updates primarily related to increases in tick activity and tick-related events. If you still want to give it a try, be sure that the flag drags across the ground and leaf litter, and be sure to take preventive steps like wearing tick repellent clothing and doing a thorough tick check when you finish. Your submissions will help TickEncounter collect data for our Current Tick Activity application.

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