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Clean Plant Debris - Another method to get rid of them from the garden is to simply remove the plant debris as far as possible. Diatomaceous Earth - One of the facts about diatomaceous earth is that it is a mild natural pesticide, which is very effective for controlling pill bugs in the garden. Insecticides - You can use chemical insecticides as the last resort for killing them in the garden. As far as garden plants are concerned, pill bugs rarely harm the established or matured plants.
Rather, they are of the opinion that these bugs are beneficial for converting decayed vegetation into humus.

You can clean debris present near the young plants, which are the common infestation sites. Even though pill bugs are detritivores, feeding on decayed vegetation, old woods, animal feces and logs; they also infest young seedlings and cultivated plants in the garden.
As these bugs require moisture for breathing, they are mostly present under wash basins, floor drains and basements. Nevertheless, if you still notice infestations of these bugs, take help from professional pest control services. At times, large numbers of these bugs enter homes, particularly during dry weather conditions.

Like other species of woodlice, you can easily identify these bugs from their hard brownish exoskeleton and defensive posture, i.e.

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