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German Roach -  The German Roach is a highly invasive species of cockroach that thrives in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and individual residences. American Roach -  The American Roach is one of the largest species of cockroach and can grow up to nearly two inches in length. Oriental Roach -  The Oriental Roach is easily recognized by its short, squat appearance and its abbreviated wings.
Brown Banded Roach -  Brown Banded Roaches are among the smallest of the cockroach species. This roach is small and colored with a light tan to dark brown hue with two distinct dark parallel bands starting just below the head and running the length of its body down the back.
They move along baseboards, cracks and crevices, nest within wall voids, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, under floor boards near plumbing fixtures, and inside some appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators and even microwave ovens. They are scavengers capapble of living on just about any soft and moist animal or vegetable matter.
They are similar in appearance to the American Roach only smaller, with the largest acheiving only 1.25 inches in length.

This roach is not capable of flight and, like the American Roach, is usually found near sewer and septic systems, in basements, crawlspaces and waste recepticles. They feed on decaying plant and animal matter and will pick up bacteria that cause diarreah and food poisioning on their skin. Because this pest is highly adaptable and reproduces quickly a structural infestation can grow very quickly and poses a serious health risk to any occupants. Like the German Roach, the American Roach will infest hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and individual residences. Because they gravitate toward the upper levels of commercial sewers and septic systems they should be regarded as a health risk.
Because their bodies are very flat they are capable of wriggling into sealed cereal boxes, open chip, rice, and flour bags, and open liquid containers where they can deposit these pathogens. This roach requires less water than other roach species and thus roams more freely within structures, often being seen in living rooms and bedrooms.
The American Roach is darker than other roaches and has a light yellowish band running from the left to right behind its head.

Wood Roaches cannot survive inside man-made structures and can be removed by scooping them into a cup and tossing them outdoors. The Oriental Roach also reproduces rapidly and can infest a structure within a couple weeks.
Brown Banded Roaches are also more likely to infest large apartment complexes as their diminished water requirements enable them to travel higher--and further from the underground sewer lines--in the structure than other roach species. In the night time the Wood Roach is attracted toward exterior lights much the same as the moth is. Preventative measures like moving firewood and brush away from your house will help keep them away. Contact a qualified pest elimination professional immediately if you have seen an Oriental Roach to prevent a worsening of your infestation.

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