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The three species of Florida yellowjackets are readily separated by differences in body color and pattern. Colonies are founded in the spring by a single queen that mated the previous fall and overwintered as an adult, usually under the bark of a log. Eastern yellowjacket, Vespula maculifrons (Buysson): Most reports of the eastern yellowjacket indicate subterranean nests, but aerial nests do occur. Southern yellowjacket, Vespula squamosa (Drury): As with Vespula maculifrons, both terrestrial and aerial nests are known for the southern yellowjacket. Yellowjackets and hornets are also attracted to sugar sources, such as berries and flower nectars. The bumblebee and carpenter bees vary in color, but usually have a dark body with yellow or orange bands. Yellow jackets attack to protect home nests By Bonnie Coblentz MSU Ag Communications MISSISSIPPI STATE – Yellow jackets are most likely to attack in the fall, but these stinging wasps are a year-round threat, especially because they can be hard to detect until they are disturbed.

Adult female southern yellowjacket, Vespula squamosa (Drury), feeding on southern blueberry. Think of them in three categories honey bees, wasps or yellow jackets, and bumble bees or carpenter bees. Most in the Bay Area are all black and much larger and wider than yellow jackets and honey bees. Application of alarm pheromone to targets by southern yellowjackets (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). The honey bee typically ranges in color from black to orange or yellowish brown, with golden and dark banded stripes on their bodies. The wax comb will start white, and will appear yellow and may turn brown to black after a year or longer. Layton urged everyone to be aware of their surroundings, and when two or three yellow jackets are spotted in an area, look for a nest.

The goal is to place the powder over the entrance so the yellow jackets get it on their bodies as they travel into the nest.
Only the queens survive the winter, usually by leaving the nest and sheltering in a protected place such as an attic, hollow tree or under the bark of a dead tree. In the spring, the queen starts a new, small paper nest in a void she has found in the ground.

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