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This is common house story of india Feed It to the cats, I remember a mice has bite on my uncle fingers when he was sleeping, seriously it's not safe for your children you may pay for it later. Baytril is the most commonly used drug for mycoplasma infections, and I have read that it can be used as a long term treatment with few if any ill-effects.
I have read that another method to socialise shy rats is to put their cage onto your bed and lie there till they come out and explore you! Yesterday I tried the boys with freshly cooked sweetcorn while they were in a box on the floor and they were crawling on my hand again to get to the food (all except Pip). Today my rats have been mostly eating fresh garlic and herb pasta parcels with (cooked) sweetcorn (maize). Three days later, the boys are still skittish when we walk into the room, but soon settle down, and since I have been trying the “enforced socialisation” method, they have been a little more relaxed with us, and Rocky the bravest (and we think the boss) will come up to the bars of the cage and have a good sniff at my nose! A lot of well-respected fancy rat breeders handle rat kittens from birth, and unlike other rodents, mother rats very rarely harm their babies when they have been handled. I caught 6 of them and didn't know what to do with them so I mailed them to a friend as a prank but to be honest I just couldn't kill them. He comes straight up to us for a sniff, and he already runs to me for safety if there is a strange noise that spooks him. He seems to like his food though, and will take treats straight out of my hand which is a good sign.
This is a brilliant way to handle them, because they don’t tend to struggle away and often become so relaxed that they fall asleep. After the corn was gone I was a bit nervous that they would try nibbling me, but they just sniffed me and were very relaxed when picked them up for a short while before returning them to their cage. It’s been difficult finding 80 minutes in the day, since I’m a mum of three girls, and work part-time too! They arrived home on Saturday the 5th May 2007, very timid and freaked out at their new surroundings and being away from mum for the first time. Jinx took a bad turn during the night, and we were very upset to find him barely moving in the morning of the 27th, so I had to make the harsh decision to put them both to sleep.

Jinx has white on his chin, and two strands of white fur on his head, which distinguishes him from his brother. It’s only been four days, but they are already curious about us and will sniff my hands, and run in and out of my clothes! One good thing has come out of this – feeding the rats medicine in some food on a spoon has definitely made them tamer.
Most of the time they were clamouring to have a sniff at the inside of the car, the big world outside and even the vet’s waiting room.
When I walk into the room Stripe and Rocky eagerly race to the bars of their cage to sniff me out!
When I pick any of the boys up now they actually stay still and relax into my hand which I think is a real breakthrough!
The only buck who seems to be reluctant to accept me is Shy-Shy who insists on finding a corner of my clothes to shoot out of and scarper off onto the floor! We found them in a rescue centre where they had been born unexpectedly from a very young and shy doe. It just means that you handle your rat and let him walk up to your shoulder or under your shirt and periodically lift him gently into your hands, but keep him in direct contact with you for twenty minutes.
Shy-Shy follows shortly afterwards and Pip is usually a little reticent, and hangs back until the rest have calmed down. Rocky and Shy-Shy have discovered there are interesting things outside of their cage, and will run along my arm to get to the exit! For the other three rats it seems to be working, and my daughters get to play gently with them in a big box on the floor, (but they are not supposed to pick them up yet – although my three year old has different ideas!). Don’t let him run off, or he will get more stressed out when you try and retrieve him. I know these are disease spreading, snake attracting rodents and they damage clothes, grain, even bird eggs.
It was not just the end of days for these two wonderful little guys, but the end of an era, I had decided not to bring any more rats into our lives for the time being, as it is not so practical having to house them in the garden shed (a consequence of my partners allergies), not to mention the heating bill.

Shy-Shy and Rocky will eat from the spoon on my hand or lap, and last night Stripe climbed inside my glasses and stood on them! I have had to call the vet and was advised to give the medicine (a different dose) to Shy-Shy straight into his mouth with a syringe. Stripe and Pip are still not sure, so another thing which I have started, when it’s fairly quiet and the rats are active, is to lure them out of their cage with food! I found that for my most nervous ratty, Shy-Shy, who hates to be picked up, I had to keep him inside my jacket, let him calm down, then every once in a while lift him gently with one hand and let him down again. So I will make this my last post, a farewell to my sweet pixies Dublin and Jinx, and a tribute to all our rats gone by.
I have a Furplast Furet Extra Large cage which is really huge and brilliant for lots of rats (it will house up to six bucks comfortably).
This way he will (hopefully!) gradually learn to trust me and get used to being picked up in an environment he feels safe in. I attached a blanket from the cage door to my lap and gradually coaxed Rocky out onto the blanket with yoghurt on a spoon. This wouldn’t be a problem with tamer rats, as they would probably just come out by themselves. Next Shy-Shy had a go, and I had an idea to put my hand palm down just in front of the spoon, so he had to walk onto me to get to the yoghurt. Then quite unexpectedly, Rocky jumped up from the floor onto my lap, and sat there eating the yoghurt, nonchalantly!

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