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Pharaoh ants (Monomorium pharaonis) are among the major pests that have a close association with human.
They can spread quickly through buildings – if disturbed, a part of the pharaoh ant colony migrates to a new suitable locations to establish several new colonies.
To successfully overcome pharaoh ant problems, the pest management professionals (PMPs) and their clients should form a partnership to make these pests strive to find food, water and shelter resources.
FOUNDATIONS - When ants are found inside along exterior walls, look for colonies living in the soil beside the foundation.
VEGETATION - Ants like to nest and forage in trails out of sight behind any vegetation which rests against foundations, patios, etc. MULCH - Mulch often harbors numerous colonies of ants such as pavement ants, fire ants, crazy ants and Argentine ants. Carpenter ants can usually be controlled by finding and treating their colonies located in wall voids and wood. Perimeter treatments with a liquid spray such as Termidor , Demon WP or Talstar will help prevent ants from entering.
Solid baits and granules are not effective and will not work against these exotic and highly invasive ants.
The odorous house ant is closely related to the ghost ant but is easily distinguished by size and coloration Ghost ants are considerably smaller and have a dark head and thorax and pale, almost translucent, abdomen and legs. Odorous house ants rival Argentine and crazy ants in their persistence in invading buildings.
As seen with many successful tramp pest ants, this species has multiple queen colonies numbering tens of thousands of workers.
A colony of ghost ants may be moderate to large in size, containing thousands of workers and numerous reproductive queens. Successful control of ghost ants depends on the ability to locate foraging ants and nesting sites. Outside, trails of white-footed ants will usually be quite visible on walkways, foundations, and the sides of buildings. Successful control of White Footed ants depends on the ability to locate foraging ants and nesting sites.
Some experts have found that White Footed ants respond better to granular ant baits such as Eclipse Professional Insect Bait if the granulars are ground into finer, smaller particles using a coffee bean grinder. The thief ant is most often confused with the Pharaoh ant which is the same general size and color. The first step when encountering tiny yellow ants in a structure is to identify whether the ant is a thief ant or a Pharaoh ant.
Inside buildings, trails of thief ants may be found along baseboards, on walls, in closets, inside cabinets (particularly ones which contain food products), around sinks, and along window sills.

Infestations of thief ants are sometimes difficult to eliminate due, in part, to the fact that the colonies and the workers are small, thus making colony location difficult. Controls exotic and invasive ants such as argentine,ghost, white footed, crazy, fire ants and others! The tailored service plan consists of seasonal visits with season-specific inspections and preventative treatments. Certain species of ants are specialized in their behavior, for example, living on only one type of tree. In this case, bait insecticides placed directly in the path of ants or where ants can find them are very effective and can save a tremendous amount of time. In slab foundations, fire ants can nest indoors in wall voids by entering the structure from below and following plumbing lines in.
Phantom Insecticide is an odorless, non-repelling spray the kills ants within a few weeks of application. Liquid baits containing boric acid based products such as Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait are more effective against crazy ants in the long term. These exotic and invasive ants are attracted to electrical current much like the imported fire ant and will infest electrical equipment, computers, TV's, transformers, etc. One colony was discovered in a Miami home when the iron was plugged in and ghost ants poured out of the holes in the bottom of the iron! Ghost ants readily attack and kill insects and will forage on dead insects in window sills and around outdoor light fixtures.
Ghost ants readily live inside wall voids, and homeowners often report seeing workers trailing out of electric outlet plates, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Once a trail of ants is found, workers carrying bits of food or whose abdomens appear swollen with food or water will usually be returning to the colony. The primary difference between the two species is the thief ant has a 2-segmented antennal club while the Pharaoh has a 3-segmented antennal club.
The author has discovered several colonies of these ants while collecting carpenter ants from wood in trees or logs as well as wood in structures. The same reasons ants are successful in nature makes them very well suited to sharing man's living quarters. Advion is the fastest active Fire Ant bait on the market and kills all life forms of ants within 72 hours of application. Bath traps, shower stalls, and hot water heater walls are particularly well suited areas for fire ants.
In areas where carpenter ants are abundant, or where the nest cannot be located, baits such as Advance Carpenter Ant Bait are very effective.
The key to identifying acrobat ants is to look for a heart shaped abdomen that is often raised well above the main body.

Phantom works by entering the ants nervous system through grooming and food sharing and then systematically kills the ants through a degeneration process. Dusting the voids of outside ground-floor walls and infested interior walls along with the outside spray treatment is effective. Argentine ants have multiple queen colonies and the queens will often be found along argentine ant trails. If ants are found, an attempt should be made to follow the trail back to the nest location. This raising of the abdomen is a defensive mechanism that acrobat ants use to fend off their enemy. KM Ant Pro is highly recommended and will kill both Caribbean Crazy Ants and Crazy Rasberry Ants.
By removing electric outlet plates and inspecting with a flashlight, foraging ants can sometimes be seen in these areas. Larvae may complete development in as little as 21 days, but this period may be greatly extended when the ants overwinter as larvae.
Inside structures, thief ants will nest in a variety of locations including wall voids, cabinet voids, and behind baseboards. These ants have been observed feeding on the carcasses of dead rodents in buildings, and they are a concern in poultry houses where they will attack young chicks. They also contain a slow acting poison that gives the worker ants time to get back to the colony and feed them. Treatment with a residual spray along foundations, and around windows are helpful in preventing foraging ants from entering. They enter the other ants' nests by means of tiny passages that are too narrow for the larger ants.
Fipronyl is non-repellent to the ants which means that they cannot sense that there is a pesticide or toxicant present which greatly encourages feeding and the consumption of the bait.
Thief ants may be considered beneficial because they kill and eat the immature forms of some pest ant species.
In areas where Pharaoh ants do not respond to baits, Pharorid Ant Growth Regulator may be the answer.
Using growth regulators for ants will result in sterilization of the queens and ultimately elimination of the nest.

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