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We solve pest problems for property management companies, residential or commercial properties, resorts and hotels, retail stores, restaurants, retirement homes and more. Moisture ants are yellow to dark brown and have been connected to rotting wood in houses — and the problem probably existed before the colony became introduced to the structure. Odorous house ants can be found in houses seeking out dairy products, raw and cooked meats, vegetables, and a wide variety of foods, but they prefer sweets. Pavement ants are usually just a nuisance pest and will nest under rocks, in exposed soil and sometimes houses. Some treatments control the problem for longer periods of time, so it is worth understanding how often you’ll need to use the remedy and make sure that it’s maintained for effective use.

These ants have a bite that can be painful since they will spray the bite area with formic acid, which can cause blistering if the skin is not washed. A professional can introduce growth regulators which can remain in place for up to a year or more. Not only do they, along with mice, spread many diseases by direct contact with human food, but their urine or feces and their fleas or mites may cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). Other steps may be taken to tip the scales in your favor for living in a flea-free environment. Within eight to twelve hours, the pain becomes more intense and over a few days a large ulcerous sore forms.

Carpenter ants do not actually eat wood but remove quantities of it to make room for nesting. Consult Dan's Pest Control for proper identification and measures that can be taken to discourage infestation.

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