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When you have questions or want to discuss the most efficient and economic way to serve your pest control needs call Ringdahl Pest Control. GOLD MEDAL AWARD WINNER: Priority Pest Protection was voted Best Pest Control Company in Nashville by The Tennessean’s readers in the 2013 Toast of Music City Awards. Priority Pest Protection is also honored to have been selected by HGTV to handle a termite issue for a family in Nashville that was filmed for the pilot of their new Listed Sisters program.
Priority Pest Protection believe in supporting the local community and is a sponsor of Camp Horizon, Mt. Schendel Pest Services uses only the most current and effective products to protect your home. Don’t worry again about termite damage to your home or its contents when you add Termite Protection to our Premium Care Program. Throughout our service area, Schendel is proud to offer residential customers Home Sealing Services.

The monthly format allows us to use less pesticide on a regular service targeting insects, preventing and removing activity as it occurs. Our exterminators provide customers with a pest control treatment program designed to meet the individual needs of each customer we serve.
We perform an intensive interior and exterior service, then follow up with quarterly visits. These products include bait and dust technology that not only get rid of the pests you have, but also prevent new ones from moving in. So better service less spider webs and more prevention because we are there when things stat to happen. If additional pest  treatments are needed between services, they are completed at no additional charge. All materials are applied judiciously, as part of programs using an industry-leading Integrated Pest Management protocol, as developed by our on-staff Entomologist.

Pests like mosquitoes, termites, rodents, and stinging insects are attracted to standing water, food and the shelter your dirty gutters provide. Schendel’s Home Seal and Scorpion Guard service is an ideal way to seal up any cracks and crevices around your home to help keep pests and the damages they cause out! Schendel’s Leaf Defender will not change the look of your home and will give you peace of mind knowing your gutters are clean and not harboring pests.

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