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A revolutionary new product which prevents rats entering a building via the sewage system, while allowing the free flow of waste in the opposite direction. Rat spring traps are ideal for immediate control of live rats in sensitive areas such as restaurants, kitchens, food production rooms, farms, barns, attics, under floors, etc. Because of this diverse range of conditions we find some areas worse for some pests and vice versa.
We look after many homes in Goonellabah, Lismore as well as the Nimbin and Lillian Rocks areas with regards to termite inspections, termite treatments and general pest control such as cockroaches, ants, spiders and rodents.

As I said we provide pest control and termite treatment services for many homes and businesses in an around Lismore and know we can deal with any pest infestation situation you may find yourself having to deal with. Areas within the Lismore Shire that we offer pest control services to include Bentley, Nimbin, Eltham, Clunes, Rosebank, Broadwater, Woodburn, Richmond Hill, Dunoon, The Channon, Whian Whian, Bexhill, Terania Creek, Goolmangar, Ruthven, Caniaba, Larnook, Modanville, Lillian Rock, Tregeagle, Wyrallah, Corndale, Dorroughby, Blue Knob, Koonorigan, Jiggi, Lindendale, Numulgi and Rock Valley.
Similarly the suburban areas of Lismore city are also within our pest control service area the suburbs and surrounds we service include: Goonellabah, Woodburn, South Lismore, Lismore Heights, Chilcotts Grass, East Lismore, North Lismore, Girards Hill, Howards Grass and Loftville. We directly import and are now supplying over 20 Irish pest control companies with this highly effective rat trap model.

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