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Fruit flies are found in unsanitary conditions, so they are potentially a health concern, especially if present in health facilities.
Call Owl Pest Control Dublin if you need help on how to get rid of fruit flies or to arrange a professional fruit fly treatment. These flies breed in bacteria-laden environments, such as feces, carrion, and human food waste, often in close proximity to humans or domesticated animals. They are small flying pests that are commonly found in homes, restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, and other facilities where food is processed.

Filth flies include some of our most common fly pests — house flies, fruit flies, green bottle flies, stable flies, and several others. Flies typically breed in garbage, excrement of animals and humans, sewers, compost piles, and any other place where matter is decaying. Properly controlling flies includes not only killing the adults, but also destroying their eggs and larvae. The most common flies are the Fruit fly, the House fly (which have four stripes on their abdomen), the Cluster fly (which is dark gray in color), and the Garbage fly (which has a metallic color that is either green or blue).

Since flies are able to transmit disease so easily, it is necessary to seek insect control quickly. The Horse fly and a few other varieties of flies actually have mouth parts and can bite humans.

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