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Green pest control is based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a preventative, proactive approach to solving pest problems with effective long-term strategies. Be familiar with the recommended controls and make sure your programs meet the standards suggested by experts in our industry. Pests need food, water and shelter to survive, and IPM seeks to break that triangle to remove supporting conditions. They also bring into question what the pest management provider is doing to prevent such tragic situations.

Policies should include removing patients from the area and immediately notifying their pest control provider about ant problems.
Immediate control is needed and there is too much risk to use a slow-acting product under these circumstances.Properly labeled, faster-acting baits may be useful indoors when ants are foraging into the building through expansion joints or cracks in the slab. Although immediate control is preferred, this type of treatment may be the only option in some cases. 21 September 1999, Annals of Internal Medicine, Volume 131, Number 6.Copesan is an alliance of pest management companies with locations throughout North America.

Make sure fire ants in any high-traffic areas and near buildings are controlled immediately since lawn treatments may take a few weeks to become effective.
Applications in the spring or early summer are best for long-term control.Document What Was Done.

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