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Wait until the babies are old enough to fend for themselves (5 to 8 weeks from birth), when they will leave the nest on their own, then seal up openings into the attic. Get the mother to move the babies out herself by making the attic undesirable, either by using loud noises or ammonia, or other harassment.
Colonial is licensed in MA and NH to do nuisance animal control and we have many years of experience in dealing with squirrels in homes. Frogs have become a very common pest control problem for people in the United States right now. Wild geese and water fowls were not considered to be nuisance animals until recently, when they started increasing in numbers which are seemingly impossible to control by humane methods. Squirrels are one of the most common nuisance pest found today, and wild animal control experts are constantly asked to remove squirrels from properties which they have inhabited.
You should be warned that, no matter how cute you find those squirrels, if they take over your attic, it will not be good news for your home, or your health.
Flying squirrels are not like the regular squirrels that you normally see, and despite their name, they do not literally fly. Pest Control AssociationsWe are committed to providing high quality Pest Control services that protect your home and business.
Squirrels pest control service Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and all surrounding areas! Intelligent Pest Control offer a prompt and effective pest control service for squirrels in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and all surrounding areas.

Grey squirrels are a non-native species introduced from North America in the early 20th Century.
In early spring we had a call from a young couple in Leicester who told us about some strange noises they had been hearing in their attic. On arrival at the house we met the couple who told us what had been going on then we made our way into the attic. We decided this was most probably the work of more than one squirrel and the best way to get rid of them would be to set special traps in the attic and make daily visits to inspect and empty them.
A professional can install an excluding device over the opening that will allow squirrels to leave but will keep them from getting back in. If the mother squirrel dies where you can’t reach her, you will have an odor problem, and you will still have babies to deal with. Different states have different laws regarding squirrel removal and we know what’s allowed by law, and what is not. This means squirrel-proofing your home by looking for and sealing up any openings, reinforcing weak areas, and screening or caulking possible entry points. Along with squirrels, they are the most commonly complained about animals that invade the homes and buildings of people today. They are serious garden pests because they love to feed on flower nectars, foliage and fruits. They are notable for being nuisance pests due to having an ability to tear up grass including yards, farms and gardens.

The flying squirrel is smaller than the average squirrel, and it possesses a gliding membrane, called a patagium, which allows it to float.
Squirrels often invade buildings and will gnaw on wires and roof timbers causing costly damage and posing a serious risk to the inhabitants.
They were concerned about what might be going on but confessed that they had not been brave enough to venture into the attic themselves. In the attic we found roof joists which had been gnawed, electric wires stripped bare of insulation and Christmas decorations spread all over the place. We have great success at controlling squirrels and often get called in when other companies have failed. This was without a doubt the work of a Grey Squirrel as they can be very destructive once inside people's homes.
We get lots of call-outs each year to deal with squirrels but this was definitely the worst damage we had ever seen.
The flying squirrel is able to steer itself by flattening its tail and using it as a rudder as well as a stabilizer as it soars through the air.

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