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With more than 40 years’ experience in the pest management industry, company founder and president David Cole is proud to serve residents of the Kansas City area by operating a business rooted in family values and professional expertise. After working for a local pest control company for 10 years, Dave and his wife, Helen, went into independent business in 1981 by establishing Cole Termite & Pest Control Inc. As an industry professional, Dave takes an active role in the national and regional development of pest management. Helen Cole is the vice-president of Cole Termite & Pest Control, and also lends her friendly voice to customers who call the business office. Currently, David and Helen Cole live in Kansas City, Mo., and enjoy working with their children and their spouses and spending time with their grandchildren. After joining his father in the family business in 1989, Travis Cole is now the co-owner of Cole Termite & Pest Control. Like his father, Travis remains active in the governance and development of the pest control industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, Brian Kabell is the manager of Cole Termite & Pest Control’s pest management division. Also active with the Pest Management Association of Greater Kansas City, Brian has held various roles within the organization. In 2002, Clayton Shehan began his career with Cole Termite & Pest Control as the Sentricon service technician.
Contact InfoProudly serving Raytown, Independence, Lee's Summit, Kansas City and surrounding areas.
At the state level, he has served with the Missouri Pest Management Association for more than 15 years holding various offices including president, senior vice president, regional vice president and director, and has also chaired a number of committees including finance, budget, membership, fall conference, awards, nomination, media and strategic planning. She holds a certified commercial applicators license in general structural and termite pest control through the Missouri Department of Agriculture, and also participates in the Pest Control Association of Greater Kansas City. As one of only two Associate Certified Entomologists (ACEs) in the Kansas City metro area, Travis has earned a reputation of excellence in the industry.

At the national level, Dave served two years as a director at large for the National Pest Management Association and also spent time as the NPMA’s liaison to the Missouri Pest Management Association. Along with earning his ACE, Travis also holds the distinction of being one of the youngest professionals to earn a certified Commercial Applicators License in general structural and termite pest control from the Missouri Department of Agriculture. He also served on the board of the Missouri Pest Management Association, chairing both the education and political action committees through which he was responsible for the education and training of pest control firms throughout the state. Through continuing education and training, Brian is committed to serving the company’s customers by employing the latest and most effective pest control techniques. Currently, Travis oversees the Cole Termite & Pest Control’s award-winning Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System division.

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