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Centipedes are located all over the world, but they most often show up in your bathtub or bathroom sink. As stated earlier, centipedes thrive in the damp crevices of the home and controlling them takes time and effort.
Their first leg segment is not actually for walking, it is actually a type of venomous fangs used to inject venom and paralyzed its prey.

Pest-control products that specifically combat house centipedes can be effective, but in order to permanently remove them from your home you must eliminate their food and water supply. We can identify areas attracting centipedes and help to you eliminate these problem areas and then place bait traps to exterminate the centipedes in your home.
It is a fact that centipedes are most often found in homes with a high level of moisture (leaking faucets, standing water, leaking roofs, open windows drawing in humidity.

Throw away any water soaked papers, clothing, or furnishings as these items provide an excellent habitat for centipedes.

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