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Having stainless steel spikes in place will prevent birds from being able to sit on whichever surface the spikes were placed on. When you need to deter pest birds without affecting the aesthetics of your building, you need AVI Strand Wire. By proofing the perimeter of the roof, pest birds and even rodents find it impossible to gain access to your building via the roof.This proofing is made from aluminium and has a powder coat finish which can be done to suit the color of your roof. One of the most effective deterrents against all bird species, is the Electric Shock Track System. There are times and situations when shooting is the quickest and most efficient way of getting rid of pest birds.
Call Forensic Pest Management Services today to book an appointment and rid your property in Sydney of pest birds once and for all.
If you are in Sydney and are looking for Bird Control, then call the leaders at Forensic Pest Control.
Bird faeces are extremely corrosive which can cause damage to your solar panels, roof and gutters. Built up bird faeces and nesting materials on your solar panels reduces their overall efficiency to work. Nesting materials and bird faeces accumulating under the Solar Panels blocks the overall free flow of water to be able to run down into your gutters. Birds, Bird faeces and their nests are full of bird lice and they also attract other pests such as cockroaches you do not want bird lice or cockroaches entering into your home.
Prior to the installation of your Solar Panel bird proofing all birds, nesting materials and their Faeces are removed. A bacterial agent specifically for bird Faeces can be applied to rid the harmful bacteria left from the toxic bird Faeces.
Inspection of roof is carried out to ensure there are no birds nesting within the roof cavity. The most common way birds gain entry to a building is under roof tiles, under broken ridge capping, drain hole pipes, chimneys and vents. But there is a much bigger concern with pest and birds than mere damage to a building, this could be why you need bird control in Sydney.
Our mission at Forensic Pest Management Services is to rid your environment from pest birds by making their roosting and nesting sites inaccessible. When you contact us to report a problem with pest birds, one of our trained and certified technicians will come to your premises where he will assess the situation and discuss with you the best and most cost effective method for getting rid of the birds.
If you are a current customer of Forensic Pest Management Services and refer a new family member or friend to us, we believe that you should be rewarded and we will credit you with $25.00 to use towards your next service. Birds are not difficult to identify with their feathered bodies, wings and their propensity for building nests.

Birds of all species tend to set up nests in trees, bushes and rooves, as well as occasionally building nests in small corners, such as in gutters, attics and garage supports. If birds are present around your home in large numbers, this means a large number of droppings and higher levels of damage to your property. Furthermore, bird droppings leave a foul odour, leaving your house smelling terrible, which is unpleasant for your family or any potential guests.
Pest birds such as the common myna, sparrow and the European blackbird will ravage fruits and crops, so any fruit trees or vegetable gardens could be destroyed, denying you the literal fruits of your labour.
Large amounts of bird nests and droppings are clear signs of a large number of birds in and around the home, as well as simply spotting them. To prevent bird-related problems from occurring over and over again, preventative and restrictive measures need to put in place to protect your home and family. Sydney Bird Control - Jim's Pest ControlWelcome to Jim's Pest Control - Sydney Bird ControlAt Jim's Pest Control - Sydney Bird Control we can control all birds and pests for both Residential and Commercial properties. The bites from bird mites are almost ten times worse than a flea bite and can cause severe skin irritation and blotching. Bird Spikes - Prevent birds form landing and roosting on eaves, gutters, down pipes, ledges, and all other flat surfaces. Repellent Gel - In areas where bird spikes aren't physically or cosmetically feasible, a repellant gel is used to deter birds from landing.
Proofing - Entry points are mended in order to prevent birds entering a dwelling or roof void.
Bird Droppings contain pathogenic fungi and bacteria that can cause Histoplasmosis, Chlamydiosis, Cryptococcosis, Salmonellosis and other lung diseases in humans should you come in direct contact with them or if it they get filtered into your premises through your outdoor air conditioning units or other types of filtration systems. It is virtually invisible from the ground so it will not spoil the look of your building.AVI Strand Wire is a stainless steel post and wire system that can be used effectively to deter larger birds like pigeons. The traps are available in different sizes to make provision for different sized birds.The traps are set in places birds roost or feed and are checked every 24 hours. When the situation requires it, Forensic Pest Management Services is Government licensed to use air rifles to remove pest birds in built-up areas like warehouses, factories, shopping centers and schools. Solar Panels provide the best protection for birds as the gap between your solar panels and the roof allows the birds to roost and build their nests whilst being protected from the weather. Our Solar panel bird proofing system can be easily removed and reinstalled to allow access in the future.
Sometimes birds will nest in down pipes or in guttering systems, causing problems with water flow and even causing moisture damage to internal walls.
Birds are a regular feature of the environment no matter where you live, whether in the city or the country. However, in urban environments such as Sydney and surrounds, the most inconvenient birds are the small birds that can take up residence in the somewhat limited habitats in such areas.

Bird droppings are extremely acidic, and have been known to cause damage to metal surfaces, strip paint from walls and damage wooden structures. This can be expensive to repair, and as long as the birds remain repairs will still have to be completed regularly. In large quantities, bird droppings can contaminate your environment through transmission through the air, potentially resulting in food poisoning and lung infections. In the case of the common starling, which tends to nest in urban areas, there is also a risk of a loud cacophony of bird calls throughout various times of the day and night, disturbing your household. For bird control, Sydney, or bird removal, Sydney, that will ensure that your bird problems are dealt with swiftly and surely, call Nationwide Pest Control on 1300 149 549 or contact us via our website. The most common bird control problems in Australia are caused by Pigeons, Starlings, Indian Mynah birds and Sparrows nesting or roosting on building ledges and under the eaves of your roof.
Once stealth netting is in place, it covers roof tops, car parks, garages, loading docks and almost any building to make it impossible for pest birds to gain access. This is the most compatible protection against pest birds for all roofing types.This proofing is not only good to deter birds. Unfortunately birds under solar panels pose many dangers and health risks for the home owner.
Bird faeces can also cause a disruption in the normal water flow in guttering, causing metal guttering to erode. Fungal organisms like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and aspergillosis are commonly found in bird droppings.
Although many species of bird are not an annoyance and are quite welcome in our homes and gardens, large numbers of certain species of birds can cause a large amount of inconvenience and can potentially represent a health risk.
Jim's Pest Control can provide you with the best Bird Control products and services to suit all your needs. The main reason these birds are seen as pests is because they are carriers of mites and lice. New South Wales in particular has a number of irritating pest species, from sparrows and starlings to the common myna bird.
If you are looking for bird control, Sydney, or bird removal, Sydney, then we at Nationwide Pest Control are ready and able to help!

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