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Ant Extermination is the most popular service used by pest control as ants nest in and outside peoples homes, plus they like the same foods as us.
Most people do not realise that because there are different types of ants, they require different Ant Extermination methods.
As with all social insects there are a number of different castes comprising a complicated community within the ants nest.
There are a number of different ants found in the UK so the first thing to do when confronted with an ant infestation is to identify the species. The ants most often seen are the worker garden ants which are approximately 4mm long and black or dark brown in colour. Pharaoh’s ants are tropical, originating in warm humid climates, so in the UK, they set-up home in buildings that cater for their need for warmth and moisture.
It is essential to identify which species you are dealing with before any treatment is carried out as tropical ants are particularly difficult to eradicate because of the nature of their colonies, having multiple queens and an ability to form new colonies once disturbed and scattered.

There are also a number of different types of insecticides and baits available that work in different ways and a professional will not only be able to identify the ants correctly, but also advise on the best method of treatment for the variety and the level of infestation.
We use specialist equipment to deal with Ant Infestations and use a proven method of ridding the property of the Ants. If a professional Exterminator is not used to eradicate the problem then the chances are that the ants will keep coming back. The workers are the most common caste and the ones that are most likely to be seen by the Pest Controller. Any of these varieties pose a risk of contamination to surfaces or food after ants have walked across dirt or unhygienic surfaces before invading your home.They are particularly adept at gaining access to even tightly sealed jars and so can be a real nuisance in the home.
Males and Queens are produced at certain times of the year and these are the winged individuals, the so called flying ants, which are common on thundery summer days. Crazy ants are so-called because of their erratic and rapid behaviour, unlike other ants that normally move in methodical trails.

These ants are black and approximately 2.5-3mm in length with very long legs and longer antennae than most ants.
The Pharoah Ant is a lot smaller than normal ants and sometimes you won’t notice them unless you’re actively searching for them. Roger’s ants differ from other ants in that they forage for live prey, especially silverfish or the larvae of little flies. They are a reddish-brown in colour, with male worker ants around 2-3mm long and winged females approximately 3.5mm in length.

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