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Concern over the miss-use or overuse of chemicals in many industries, not just pest control, means we are always intrigued to learn if there is a natural alternative that is better for us, our children, our homes, our pets and our businesses.
This may encourage you to try out the latest trick or organic repellent that is reputed to be effective against mice or any other pest, and this is, of course, your prerogative.
Risk #1: The more time wasted on attempting to get rid of mice with natural deterrents, the more time your mice have to breed and multiply.
Risk #3: It is not enough to just repel mice, you need to prevent them getting into your home again.

Peppermint oil – cotton wool doused with this product is hotly discussed as the one main natural product claimed to work.
Cats – it is not just the presence of a cat but the smell of their urine which could act as a deterrent.
The best advice is to rely on a more powerful solution, which has proven results to get rid of mice.
Something you may not have taken into consideration when debating the use of a natural solution.

You should only ever consider buying ferrets if you want one as a pet, not just for the sake of mouse control. If you know where mice tend to commonly hide inside homes and what attracts them out at night, you can better decide where to sprinkle your cayenne pepper or other natural ‘weapon’ of choice.

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