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Habits: Most commonly mistaken for a German cockroach, the woods roach is an outdoor insect that occasionally finds it's way indoors while foraging or when firewood is brought into the home.
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One of the most common insects adaptable and adjusted to live with humans is the Pennsylvania wood cockroach, scientifically called Parcoblatta Pennsylvanica.
If a professional pest control technician is engaged, he will most likely apply exterior barrier treatment around foundation perimeter, beneath wood siding, eaves and soffits along exterior molding, flashing, fascia, and roof line.

Fogging with a non residual aerosol insecticide may also be used to exterminate cockroaches inside crevices and cracks.
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As their name implies, this species is commonly found in wooded areas, woodpiles, under the bark of old logs and sometimes under wooden shingles. They rarely breed indoors but with use of firewood and building of homes in wooded areas these pests become a problem.

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