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Nymphs and adults are usually found outdoors beneath loose bark in woodpiles, stumps, and hollow trees. If you have seen a Pennsylvanian wood cockroach in your house and want to rush to call the pest control guys, hold your horses.
The Pennsylvania Wood cockroach plays an important role in nature, as it forms 50% of the diet of the endangered Red-cockaded woodpecker.Cockroaches have been reviled ever since humans set sight upon them. One cockroach that does not deserve to be a part of the above group is the Pennsylvania wood cockroach.
Pennsylvania wood roaches can be identified by the presence of a white to yellow stripe extending from the fore wings, the sides of the thorax, and the back of the head in adults and well-grown nymphs. Wood cockroaches thrive under litter, hollow trees, stacks of wood, rotting logs, and stumps.

Pennsylvania wood cockroaches, being outdoor pests, cannot live indoors for long, since they require moisture. One of the largest species of wood cockroach, the Pennsylvania wood roach is also one of the hardiest.
They are not startled by movement like other cockroaches, and will not scamper when approached. This Buzzle article will tell you how to identify one, its habitat, reproduction, and why pest control is not required in most cases when you cross paths with a Pennsylvanian wood roach. There are different types of cockroaches in America, ranging from the large American cockroach to the smaller Oriental cockroach, to the even smaller Brown-banded cockroach.
But the fact is, the Pennsylvanian wood cockroach does not prefer living near humans and is not aggressive.

Also, Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are active both during the day and night, unlike other cockroach species. The males are large for indigenous roaches and readily come to lights; the females are more reclusive but are often disturbed in late spring and summer when going through wood piles. Nymphs also seek the protection of homes during winter, though they are more likely to choose older homes with a wooden siding. I love my home, but the fact that we sit in the middle of the woods is anything but fun when the weather starts to get warm!

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