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In nature, acrobat ants usually live outdoors in damp areas that are rich in decaying organic matter, such as rotting trees or logs, woodpiles, leaf mulch, and sometimes under rocks.
Determining where a colony of odorous house ants is nesting is important to effective control. Pharaoh ants are among the most difficult of all insects to control due to their small size, their large colonies (often numbering in the tens or hundreds of thousands of workers and usually having multiple queens), their hidden foraging habits, and their peculiar ability to select a new queen if a group of workers gets separated from the main colony.
Extermination of Pharaoh ants usually consists of sanitation to remove alternate food sources, and the precise application of baits and non-repellent insecticides. Because of their aggressive nature, pavement ants often invade and colonize seemingly impenetrable areas, such as the gap between concrete or other paving material and its soil substrate. Argentine ants also protect plant pests such as aphids from predators in order to harvest the honeydew that they produce.

Extermination of Argentine ants in and around structures usually is accomplished using carefully placed, slow-acting baits. Their name comes from the disagreeable odor (similar to the smell of rotten coconuts) that worker ants give off when they're crushed.
If only a few workers (wingless ants) are observed in the house, then it's usually an indication that the nest is outdoors, and the workers are entering the house foraging for food. A small number of ants who actually contact the insecticides will die, but the rest will scatter and elect new queens, often making the problem worse than it was before the treatment.
Because of their foraging habits, it's sometimes necessary to treat parts of the building far from where the ants have been seen. In summer time, the ants dig out the sand in the pavement cracks and joints to ventilate their nests, resulting in little piles of sand being scattered about the sidewalk.

Originally native to South America, Argentine ants have spread throughout the entire world, and often cause threats to native wildlife and agriculture. But if winged swarmers are found indoors, or if workers are consistently seen in great numbers, it's likely that the ants are nesting inside the house.
These campaigns between rival ant colonies result in epic sidewalk battles, often leaving thousands of dead ants in their wake.

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