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A common pest, the Odorous House Ant can be hard to get rid of once they have invaded your Seattle or Eastside home. Like all ants, they live in colonies and may have 2 or more queens with over 100,000 workers. Most are back at the nest so it’s a good idea to call a professional as the only way to totally rid your house of ants is to treat the entire nest.
The smell is actually a defense mechanism that raises an alarm and lets the other ants know something is wrong.

House ants have adapted very well to changing conditions and thrive practically anywhere, from sea level to 10,500 feet. Rainy weather or food sources drying up will often force ants inside your home where they take up residence in wall crevices, under floors and carpet, near heaters or water pipes.
House ants develop by complete metamorphosis by transforming from eggs to larva and pupa to adults. Worker ants collect honeydew excretions from mealy bugs, aphids, scale insects and plant hoppers.

Ants like to move often so nests in soil are shapeless and shallow as they are only temporary.

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