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The kitchen can be a challenging place to get rid of ants since there are so many sources of food. When I got ants in my pantry, I took an old bottle of lemon juice, dampened my cleaning rag with it and wiped down the shelves and walls. I took cornmeal and poured a bit of it near the door where the ants were coming into the house.

Soon the "word" will get around among the ant world and then fewer and fewer critters will want (or need) to make that long trek inside your home ANYMORE!
When I see ants, I open several packets (one would probably be fine, but I tend to be a little gung ho on things) and spread them out in the path they're making. Throw away the paper or cardboard with the remaining Dinner.Guaranteed to KILL ants, and NOT scare them! Spray the area where the ants are coming from outside and all the ants on the trail inside with a high alcohol content body spray (the perfumed kind) and then don't clean up the ants or the body spray for a day.

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