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Share: Pesticide poisoning is a real hazard if you’re using toxic chemicals to try to get rid of rats and mice in your home or yard. Pesticide poisoning: Chemicals used as mouse and rat poisons are toxic to both humans and pets.
Pesticides and wildlife health: Poisons used to kill mice and rates are highly toxic to many birds, including the common barn owl, foxes, skunks, deer, possums, golden eagles, hawks, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, and mountain lions. Most dangerous rodenticides: The pesticides that are most dangerous to wildlife and humans go by the names of Havoc, Talon, Contrac, Maki, Ratimus and d-CON Mouse Pruf II. Decide against poisons: Protect your family from poisonings and protect wildlife by choosing integrated pest management techniques like chemical-free rat and mice control methods.

Bring out the predator pee: The urine of rodent predators act as natural deterrents and repellents for mice and rats, PredatorPee sells packaged options, but if you have pets, try using their dog hair, cat hair, cat litter, or dog urine strategically placed to keep rodents away without chemicals.
Essential oils: Fresh Cab carries a Balsam fir oil that can be used as a natural rat or mouse deterrent.
Try chemical-free traps: As a last resort, natural pest control can also involve traps to physically remove the rodents from your space.
Learn more about natural mouse and rat control using this Healthy Child Healthy World Checklist.
As Your Local Pest Control Experts, Ehrlich has been providing expert pest control services to homeowners and businesses since 1928.

Ehrlich provides both residential and commercial pest control through a network of 40 plus community based offices. But natural rat repellents and mouse deterrents are available that are chemical-free, safe, and effective.

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