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For a gardener, growing your hard work just to see it be eaten alive by destructive insects will create a lot of frustration. While birds won’t get rid of all pests, the House Wren which is common throughout the country (48 states) can really help your garden.
Almost every bird will eat a few bugs and grubs so enjoy the chirping cheerleaders for your own bird farming team. Take advantage of controlling the pest population in your produce by attracting local birds to get a fly by farmer for your wildlife garden.

Though not their main staple, wrens also eat flying pests such as wasps, flies and bees, along with spiders, snails, ticks and millipedes. Because they’ve also adapted to nest on level surfaces, such as the ground or flat rooftops, they are the perfect visitor for urban gardens. So remember to tweet your little farmer friends with a small holiday bonus for all the hard work and keep your wildlife community thriving.
Whenever a wren does eat foliage or vegetation it is very little in quantity and only a result of digging for their original intent, a juicy bug.

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