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8 standard programmable buttons on mouse and 9 buttons on Wand for most easy and quick actions; All the keys can be re-mapped. De Venom-X is de meest performante muis controller ooit gemaakt en specifiek ontworpen voor FPS games. Sony has announced plans to release a mouse and keyboard set of gaming controllers for the PS3. A mouse and keyboard controller for the PlayStation 3 will be making its way to store shelves on November 2, 2011.

The Tactical Commander 3 consists of an optical right-handed mouse and a keypad for the left hand with WASD-style keys. Tracking resolution on the optical mouse is unclear, but it's doubtful that the mouse can match the capabilities of a true gaming mouse for the PC.
Licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment, HORI will be manufacturing the so-called Tactical Assault Commander 3 peripheral set, which sells for ¥9800, or US$127. It's curious to see if the company plans to offer mouse and keyboard support for first person shooters like Killzone 3 and Resistance 3, which would undoubtedly benefit from the precision offered by the peripherals.

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