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Ants can also cause uncomfortable bits and stings to pets and children, which is why it is best to eradicate the infestation as soon as one is identified.
Our Ant Control Kit provides the best solution for eradicating an ant problem in a domestic home or commercial kitchen.
Our full range of products include ant spray, ant powder, and ant gels, all of which can be purchased individually. Our Ant Control Kit contains a selection of our best ant killer products, including Pest Expert Formula 'C' Ant Spray, Formula 'P' Ant Powder and Ant Nest Killer Gels, to help you carry out a successful ant treatment and eradicate an ant problem in your home.

Pest Expert Formula 'C' Ant Spray is a fast-acting ant killer with a long-lasting residual that kills black and garden ants on contact, to eradicate an ant infestation and maintain ant control in the home.
Pest Expert Formula 'P' Ant Powder is a highly effective ant killer suitable for ant control both inside and outside the home. Rentokil Ant Nest Killer Gels offer rapid ant control as they kill contain a gel bait which worker ants take back to the nest, killing off the ant colony. Rentokil Insectrol Ant Spray is a fast-acting ant killer that delivers a rapid knockdown and helps maintain ant control for a number of weeks.

Agrothrin Ant Powder is a natural and organic ant killer that offers pesticide-free ant control for the home. This is especially relevant in summer when ants are more active and things like dropped ice creams and spilled drinks are more common outside the home.

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