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Here is an overview of the two most common North American poisonous spiders.Brown RecluseMost commonly found in Tennessee, the brown recluse spider is one of the most venomous in the world.
The brown recluse has recognizable patterns of a violin or fiddle shape on its back (hence, the common nicknames such as Fiddleback Spider, Brown Fiddler, or Violin Spider).
Brown recluses also have six pairs of eyes, instead of four pairs of eyes as in most other types of spiders, and this trait is the easiest way to tell it apart from other spiders.Treat a brown recluse bite by applying ice packs to control the inflammation and aloe vera to soothe it. Seek medical care immediately and if possible bring the spider along to the hospital in a clear container for diagnosis.

While most brown recluse bites do not cause death, a small number of bites have resulted in serious effects – flesh around the wound may die (necrosis), and in very rare cases the venom may cause red blood cells to die.Brown recluses live in attics, storage boxes, sheds, garages, rock piles, and stacks of lumber, which are all easy to accumulate in and around the home.
There are two types of black widows in North America – one type that lives in the north and another which lives in the south. You can recognize the northern black widow by the shiny red hourglass shape on its black, shiny back. It is difficult to treat the symptoms of the spider bite, and if it is life-threatening, it will be easy to tell early on.

You can use insecticide on them, or call an exterminator!Get Rid of These BitersIf you believe you have poisonous spiders living in or around your home, it may be wise to call in an exterminator.

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