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Three species of mole crickets were inadvertently introduced to the southeastern United States about 1900, and have caused serious plant damage.
The shortwinged mole cricket was first observed at Tampa, Florida in 1899 but separate introductions were discovered near Miami in 1902 and Brunswick, Georgia in 1904.
Adults: Mole crickets have peculiar enlarged forelegs that are used for digging in the soil. The tawny mole cricket is quite similar to southern mole cricket in general appearance, with moderately long forewings and long hind wings, a yellowish brown body, and a dark pronotum.
Summaries of mole cricket life history are given by Worsham and Reed (1912), Thomas (1928), Hayslip (1943), and Walker (1984), though biology of shortwinged mole cricket is poorly documented. Though normally thought of as turf and forage grass pests, mole crickets are omnivorous, feeding on animal as well as plant material. The tawny mole cricket is originally from southern South America and arrived in Florida and Georgia about 1900 spreading north and west.
The tawny mole cricket is a mole cricket of average appearance which typically does not play dead when captured, as do the West Indian and southern mole crickets. Affordable Mole Removal in Just One TreatmentPermanent removal of skin growths in just one treatment.

I visited this place in the middle of December, and Cindy removed two moles ( seborrheic keratosis) from my face and a hand. This site also contains detailed information on mole cricket biology, distribution, damage, management (including biological controls) and training tutorials. An adult tawny mole cricket, Scapteriscus vicinus Scudder, showing typical mole cricket morphology. Bahiagrass and bermudagrass are especially injured by mole crickets, whether grown as turf grass or as forage, though it is not clear if it is more attractive to crickets or more easily damaged. Liquid and granular formulations of insecticides are commonly applied to the soil to suppress mole crickets. Efforts have been made to find turf and pasture grass varieties that are resistant to attack by mole crickets. Biological control of mole crickets can be enhanced by the application of the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema scapterisci and possibly to a lesser degree by other entomopathogenic nematodes.
Tawny mole crickets feed largely on plant material, and only to a slight extent on insects and other animals. It is currently found in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

While there is no evidence that they will not spread farther west, arid conditions may hinder them. Most all skin growths can be removed including age spots, moles, warts.This procedure we now know with over 2,500 treatments is the safest most effective technique available to permanently remove your moles without scarring. The first my feeling after the procedure was an amazement: I did not have moles which bothered me for few years!
The best cultural practice for mole cricket managment on turfgrass is to maintain the turf in the healthiest condition possible, allowing the grass to recover from injury by mole crickets.
In drought, mole crickets risk desiccation and seek moister locations or conditions deeper in the soil.

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