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Coast Mole Biology: Also known as the Pacific Mole, this energetic little guy (about 6 inches long) can build up to 300 mounds (mole holes) in a single winter. Townsend's Mole Biology: Scapanus townsendii is North America's largest mole, at about 9 inches in length. However, the same molehills that can cause a chaos in your garden can also help in making your soil fine. A mole may seem to be a cute, small, safe animal, but trust us it can change the entire look of your garden within few days.

Because of these reasons you will always find the molehill near the place where the animal is residing. Nevertheless, if you don’t want the molehills to change the way your garden looks, you can always get the moles removed. There are different ways through which you can the mole or other animals that cause molehills removed. Also, if you want to determine the number of moles that are present around your house you need to count the number of molehills.

The tunnels that lay beneath the molehills are very useful for moles as they are able to get their food such as earthworms through them.

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