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It is best that you introduce a breeding pair the same as you would introduce any mouse to another mouse (refer to the section on Introducing mice). When a buck mates with a doe he will leave behind a vaginal plug as shownin the picture on the right.
Some pregnant mice look like they swallowed a golf ball while other mice don't look pregnant at all. It may seem that mice, or any other animal, are built for having babies but that's not the case here.
Some mice look exactly the same from the time they become pregnant to the time they deliver.

However, sometimes mice just gain weight, possibly making you think they are pregnant when they are not.
Some mice don't gain much weight at all during pregnancy, making you think they are not pregnant when they actually are.
If you check your doe often and catch her in heat, mark it on your calendar so you know her individual cycle.
Some mice look huge when pregnant with very few babies while others with much larger litters might not look pregnant at all. Some mice have small litters with large size babies while other mice have large litters with small size babies.

Also know that mice have extremely poor eyesight so they have no idea what is actually invading their space.

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