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The house mouse probably originated in Iran and Turkestan where  it lived in rocky crevices.  At some point it formed a close association with humans, and spread with them. In confined spaces, such as in a feed store, house mice live in groups, with a social hierarchy. House mice were originally seed eaters, but have adapted to eat anything, including eat meat and bugs.
A Mice exterminator will do the job!The most common pest Toronto pest control experts have to deal with on a daily basis is the mouse.
Mice live in houses with humans because they can feed off the same food we do but they feed on several occasions in a day.
In order to prevent a mouse infestation and attracting mice the best thing a pest control Toronto expert and any other expert will advise first is to eliminate the food sources. Mice will visit a home when the weather gets colder and it is harder for them to survive outside. House mice can cause damage to property, damage to stored food and most importantly be the cause of disease transmission.
While there are many over the counter options for one to use to control a mouse population, due to the fact that mice can breed fast it is advised to receive professional assistance. If you are experiencing an issue with mice contact us regarding our mouse control Toronto services. Although you can set up traps or poison to exterminate mice yourself the best solution is to hire a pest control expert or an exterminator to take control of your mouse problem.

When I was a teenager we lived next to an open field and anytime the farmer would till it or when it got too cold the fleas would start to invade. House mice like buildings (houses, sheds, warehouses, etc), especially in winter, but they can also live outdoors.
If you have spotted a mouse in your home contact us for a consultation on how to deal with the problem.
When it comes to pest control in Toronto just like with every other city in Canada but in the world mice and rodents in general are the most common one.  Before we examine what there is you can do about getting rid of mice from your home it is important to understand the house mouse. In general the house mouse is dusty grey in colour and measures from 10 to 15 cm in length with large ears and small eyes.
This can be achieved by keeping a clean kitchen and keeping all the food sources for the mouse out of bound. What usually happens is that they don’t cause damage in one place but make small holes in many places. You will know you have a mouse problem when you hear or see them at night because that is when they come outside to feed.
They are known to carry and transmit Leptospirosis, Murine typhus, Tularemia and bacterial infestions such as Rickettsialpox.
If you live in Toronto and you have a mouse problem then the best thing to do is to find a local expert a pest control expert. Pregnancy lasts only 20 days, and litters can be produced every five weeks.  Baby mice are blind and   naked, and are fed by their mother for 16 days.

If you notice a mouse in your house, it is advisable to deal with it immediately before the population multiplies. Our expert pest control agent will consult you on what to do to make sure your house is not infested. Mouse experts have known for a while that the cutest members of the rodent family emit ultrasonic sounds, but nobody really bothered to listen to them very closely. Control of the existing population can be achieved through the use of glue or snap traps, or by using baits placed in tamper resistant containers. We had to give our dog frequent baths and we sprinkled flea powder on our floors like crazy to control them. There are eco-friendly rodent poisons available, but in most houses, a mouse trap is the most efficient method. Female mice can give birth to litters of 3 to 14 young at a time and up to 10 times a year.
Mice are active all year round, with more activity observed indoors during the colder months of the year.

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