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At some point, every gardening enthusiast will fight an epic battle with natural gardening pests and diseases. The bottom two maps are the 1990 climate zones, on the left, and the updated one to the right. Iposted in the pest control section, but this is more a question of whether the dahlias will make it - they are just coming up through the soil, and slugs are eating the leaves voraciously.

Whether it’s the neighbor’s curious new puppy digging up your vegetable garden or a field of dandelions plaguing your yard and lawn, we’ve got you covered.
Above them is a metamap showing which parts of the country had their zones changed, by how much, and in which direction. Learn how to build fences and plant cages, apply weed-controlling mulches, attract insect allies to your garden, and several other tips and techniques that can give you a leg up in the ongoing battle with pests and diseases.

Other natural pest and disease control tactics include beneficial insects, pheromone traps, biological products, and physical barriers or netting.

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