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On this bed bug mattress covers page I list manufacturers competing with each other on eBay by offering extremely low prices; however, go to a store specializing in these covers where competition doesn’t exist and you can expect to twice what you would otherwise pay!
It’s always disturbing to find that you payed far more than you should have for a product, so take your time, compare prices and make sure that you’re getting an inexpensive bedbug cover that will do the job right the first time! I am fighting an infestation of bedbugs and am using a professional company however they seem to have no idea about what to do with mattresses. It’s been 9 moths since I discovered bed bugs in my house, since then I’ve had 2 different exterminators here.
I called them back and they came in with a bed bug sniffing dog, she showed where the bugs still lived and they sent a guy with a steam machine. A few years ago I went off to Europe for 2 months and when I returned my condo was infected with bed bugs. I put vaseline on the feet of the bed so they can’t crawl from the floor to the mattress. It does not have to be specifically made for bed bugs and chances are, if you go looking for one like this, you will pay a premium! Note: usually a cover that prevents allergens also prevents dust mites, which would prevent bedbugs as well. Bedbug covers are great for protecting your mattress for any further infestion (of course once it is treated). Bedbugs are hitchhikers, very easy to get but very difficult (not impossible) to get rid of. I want to mention that I read somewhere on the internet that it takes at least 18 months for bedbugs to die because they can go that long without eating. Bombing your bedroom or wherever won’t solve the problem because it drives the bedbugs deeper into cracks and crevices. I’m hoping we don’t have bedbugs, but if we do I will buy the dusting powder someone mentioned and dust everything and in every nook and cranny!!! Good to know I won’t have to throw out my mattress, nor spend a lot of money in protecting them. I have had my house exterminated twice by two different companies, that helped for a couple of months and then notice the bugs were back. I will have to now bite the bullet and buy the bed protector things and encase the boxspring and mattress, which I know I should have done but severely financially strapped after replacing my bedding 5 times, new living room stuff, carpet, etc. I know that bedbugs usually only feed in the nighttime but sometimes when I would go places I would get bit. Bedbugs can climb the walls and drop on to your bed from the ceiling like nasty little ninjabugs. Also, get a bed frame if you don’t have one already, place a plastic plate or something under each leg and cover it in vaseline. Get Aller-Ease Waterproof mattress covers from walmart or find a similar product, only $30 in canada for queen size. So far everything here has been about keeping the bedbugs off you while you sleep, but they can live 6 months without food so denying them a meal will take a long time to kill them. I am on my way in about an hour to purchase bed covers, pillow covers, diatomaceous earth, large clear plastic bags (seal my clothes). I purchased: ALLEREASE BED BUG ALLERGY PROTECTION, as per the advise of my pest control guy who treated my place. Note: Allergy Protection is the same thing as Bed Bug Protection, if it can protect you from allergies it can protect you from bed bugs. For best results, you’ll want a cover that encases the entire bed with zipper, this way, the bed bugs are sealed in. Remember one thing, once the bedbugs are infested in your home, they follow you everywhere you go in the house.
I started flinging the pillows off the bed and that is when we found them coming through a crack in the plaster. If you go looking for a cover with a bug lock zipper or bed bug zipper, you could end up paying a lot more just because ‘bug’ was used in the sales pitch. I wanted to add that people shouldn’t just buy another mattress after a few treatments from the pest guy.
I checked a whole bunch of websites looking at bedbug covers and every one of them want between 50-100 bucks just for a cover. You did need to pay the higher price from the online store you bought from, you could have purchased a mattress cover for bed bugs from Walmart’s website! I bought the mattress covers from walmart and i didn’t last a month till it had a hole in it.
There is a bed bug kit and bedbug free mattress you can buy at walmart but the bug man told me that they are worse than roaches(thank god never had those) depending on your state you might can take your landlord to court or take the exterminator fees out of your rent. Apparently there are 3 units above, and 2 next door from me as well as my own unit that are potentially infected with bed bugs.
You should look into the mattresses that can be unzipped and vacumed from the inside out to help keep the bed clean. When the exterminator came in I wasn’t home, but when I came home, my mattress cover and comforter were wadded-up on my bed, and there was a white powder under my bed, also all the pillows on my couch were over-turned. With much regards to your company am Upshall Dennis and I will like to make an order for mattress cover for bed bugs. One thing I have not seen that SHOULD be posted – Get some CHEAP butter tubs – big enough to fit the legs of your bed into with plenty of room left between the sides and the legs – then – place them in the tubs , all 4 legs – and fill the tubs with HOT STRONG bleach water – this will kill the little buggers when they try to crawl up off of the floor – yes , I know they get to the bed other ways , but this is one of the main highways they use – anything to make their lives MISERABLE – like what they do to us !
Please – help- I have read some of the things that people have said and I am worried like bedbugs being on the walls or ceiling and droping on to the host for feeding. I treated my mattress about three days ago and tonight I felt like I had crawing things on me only to find out that I didn’t get rid of them.
Gary, if the mattress cover is dust mite proof and can be completely enclosed, then it works perfectly fine for bed bugs.
I have been reading the comments regarding bedbug mattress covers and a few people have recommended buying cheap covers for protection, make sure what your buying is a full encasement cover, not a fitted sheet style cover, also have a look at what it is made of, if it is a plastic or polyester type material then not only will it to uncomfortable to sleep on but it will not stand up to a top load washing machine, once the fabric is ripped it will not longer protect your mattress from bedbugs!
Best to change mattress fairly often if possible, hate the thought of sleeping an all those bugs! I ripped my mattress from the middle to see if i could find more bed begs hiding after i spotted some on the side of the bed.
Today I found on my HAND what I thought was a tick but after much googling have found is a bed bug! We did our research after the first outbreak, and in hindsight we should have called someone for help initially rather than taking this into our own hands…since we didn’t get rid of the bed bug infestation like we thought we had! At the time I didn’t know how well alcohol would work so I bought hotshot flea and bedbug spray (could have saved money using alcohol).
I am planning on getting a bed bug sheet but money is tight so until i can i will be using alcohol. I have covered the whole outside of my mattress with clear packing tape (no double sided tape around) and then flipped some facing out to act as the sticky barrier. 40 years living on my own since a teenager, and I’ve never in my life been threaten by insects, and I’ve never even live with roaches, but I rather have them then these bedbugs.

There are other tips posted which I’m sure will help us all for those who are suffering and in the future from bed bugs. If the picture she took showed a bed bug by their no-smoking sign I think that would be proof enough that they had bed bugs at that time and she should be reimbursed for her stay but I don’t think they should pay for her animals.
Also, to the person who is sprinkling DE around, I doubt that is going to do much for the bed bugs. Call an exterminator and buy high quality mattress and boxspring bedbug covers ASAP before it gets any worse! An infestation of bed bugs in my RV led to the eventual surrender of it to the bank that financed it, no lawsuit, just surrender.
On July 6th, while talking to my mother on the phone trying to figure out how I was going to get out of NC bc my car had broke down I noticed this bed bug run from behind the hotels pillows. I called down to the lobby in disgust where the maintenance guy finally arrived to the room (while I stood outside) and confirmed that it was a bed bug. We are currently staying in an extended stay (that I will not be naming), and after the first night sleeping in the bed, I woke up with 17 bites and my friend with 14.
They removed the entire old bed and bedding, and put it in the dumpster, then put a BRAND NEW PILLOW TOP BED, unwrapped it from the plastic in front of us, and unwrapped all new bedding, including BB cover sheets. The Bed Bug Mattress Cover ProgramThe Bed Bug Mattress Cover Program Housing Help has received funding for bed bug mattress covers for tenants who are dealing with these pests.
Prevent And Control Bed BugsCheck secondhand furniture, beds, and couches for any signs of bed bug infestation before bringing them home.
Bed Bugs – Typical First Strikes By Housekeeping And MaintenanceYour bed bugs should disappear overnight. ZIPPERED RETROFIT MATTRESS COVERSOur inverted seam covers will also help you prevent or mitigate a bed bug problem. This entry was posted in Bed Bugs and tagged how to get rid of bed bugs, mattress firm, porta crib by Neil. Mattress Cover Encasement for bed bugs - baby crib size (each) Buy $30.94 for Sale Fast Free Shipping Pest Supply with Cheaper! Make sure there are no gaps where the bed bug could crawl out or in, often found near the zipper.
I intend to spray them and then cover them but I dare not let anyone sleep on them if there is any risk that any bedbugs that might be in them will get through the cover. My son brought bed bugs home from college and I was so nervous that my family would get them also, but then I bought covers for my mattresses and box springs – I HIGHLY recommend them, not only did we not get the bugs, but my sons bites also subsided and didn’t come back. He used the steamer on the one place the dog indicated but not on the other because he said it was probably just the bugs inside the mattress cover the dog was indicating…I AM STILL GETTING BIT!!!!!!! Look for a mattress cover that provides an allergen barrier or prevents dust mites and seals all the way around, any store should have them, such as Walmart, etc… If the dust mites can’t get through, neither can bed bugs! I only paid $6 for my actual pillows, so I didn’t feel it necessary to pay $6 for a pillow cover. I threw away the bed, mattress, pulled up the carpet and installed hardwood and painted the room.
The next morning, I discoverd that much of my body was covered with large red bumps that looked a lot like mosquito bites. Not knowing what to do, I stopped sleeping in my bedroom and instead started spending the night in the guestroom. Make sure that you are regularly placing your bedding (ALL of it) and any nearby clothing in a clothes dryer for 15-20 minutes during your treatments and after any evening biting episodes.
The last time I “hosed” down my bedroom after replacing my mattress yet again, I noticed that they were living in the crack in widow sill and even killed a small cluster hanging out on my surge protector plug, hanging on my curtains and even had to take down my wall boarders (both paper and fabric). Try running a long strip of wide tape horizontally across every wall in your bedroom, making sure that strip of tape is touching. It can block dustmites (0.04mm), and water, so it can block bedbugs, also if you check the Aller-Ease website it says their product has been tested as bedbug bite proof.
These covers basically seal the infestation on mattress and boxspring, in spite of treatment. In fact, often times, a mattress cover that advertises bed bug protection will cost more for the same mattress labeled dust mite or allergy protection but are one in the same.
Keep in mind that you can seal the bed bugs inside the mattress cover, but if you have an infestation outside your bed, they will simply make their way onto the sealed mattress and continue to feed on you. Some may not prevent bed bugs from entering or exiting your mattress if the zipper size is too large. You can find the same thing in a good allergy mattress cover and save yourself a lot of money. They shouldn’t just think that they are protecting themselves because they encased their mattress either.
From the other advice it looks like washing all clothing I took and bedding at home, and buying mattress covers is a minimum.
I’ve used steam commercial bed bug spray powder a good shop vac and I feel like I’m wining the war but it just takes time spray every couple of days I painted my bed room and caulked everywhere never give up! Let me know if you have king and queen sizes, Let me know the price without shipping also advice the types of credit cards you do accept for payment so that the project for the mattresses will be will be fast.
I started to realize that the room we were finding bugs, is where a family member and child had been living for a couple of months before. I’d def suggest them and also i got this bedbug laundry bag and i put everything in it because I’m so paranoid since my bedbug infestation.
But, you are TOTALLY wrong about how to go about finding a bedbug safe mattress encasement.
To tell people that it must be Bed Bug Certified is directing them to pay far more for a mattress cover simply because the it contains the term bed bug – that is what’s called marketing hype. Bed bugs are awesome travelers, but if you were moving around in your home, then they probably would remain in hiding until you settled down or went to sleep. Its healthier for you and if you do see another one or bites, they wont be able to live in your mattress and may be easier to get rid of.
Three days later I saw a strange bug on the wall next to our bed so I googled it, right away I knew it was a bed bug so I checked our mattress and found at least a hundred bedbugs.
A few weeks ago we found out that our local movie theater had been sprayed for bedbugs just two days after we visited and the theater had been sprayed in the imax and two other theaters.
Then we took raid for reaches and a spray made more bed bugs (can’t remember the name) and sprayed down the mattress, box-spring, and around the whole room. I don’t think that is related to the bed bugs and who brings animals into a nice hotel anyway.
I have no professional verification, but after 26 months of one night stands, there is no doubt who my bed partners have been.
I was so disgusted to know that they had placed me in a room with a clearly MATURED bed bugs. When I followed up with him after exchanging information he refused to replace my items as he said he would and told me what I saw wasn’t a bed bug even though it CLEARLY was. Use a protective cover packing or unpacking rather than setting your luggage on the bed or floor.

An IPM AnswerCombines common bed bug shown before feeding (top left) and afterwardsa variety of practical techniques and products You may also want to slip the mattress into a cover that zips closed all the way around.
Bedbugs can hide in any crack, hole or crevice in the bed and all your efforts will be for nought if you don’t make sure the bed has been cleansed.
And yes, the mattress needs to be completely covered, not just the top half as with a sheet cover. We searched her bed and we found what looked like a baby bed bug… Well now I’m home now n I keep getting bit I washed all my clothes and blankets I’m very paranoid. Check out Walmart and look at the allergy mattress covers with an eye on small zippers or better yet, Velcro. Bed bugs will crawl on the wall, on the ceiling and when they feel that warmth from your body rising to the ceiling they will release their hold on the ceiling and fall onto the bed where they will begin to have their supper. I bought a set of covers off them for about $36 bucks and they gave me some free pillow covers. When the exterminator came in I wasn’t home, but when I came home, my sheets and comforter were wadded-up on my bed, and there was a white powder under my bed, also all the pillows on my couch were over-turned. We’ve been fending them of with “clean sweeps” every day I take our bed apart, windex the heck out of the box spring, which kills them, and take baby wipes to the mattress. That’s when I decided to research bed bugs, cause I’ve known of history of family member that stayed with us- had delt with bed bugs (6 mths. Use bed bug dust around your bed and other areas I mention in my checklist above to help kill them. It may be in my head but i think they really do help prevent bed bugs coming in your stuff. There are a couple of very good encasements to purchase, and like anything else, what you pay is directly related(unfortunately) to how well these encasements protect you from bedbugs….
I will try to sew the bed together and buy mattress covers and hopefully i will get rid of them but in the mean time i have no bed…sucks!!! It seemed to work, however about a week ago, we can back from vacation and the bed bugs that returned in full force. Long story short if I don’t tare apart the bed every day I end up getting eaten alive my husband has never gotten bitten not once but they do live on his side. We didn’t have any nests in our mattress but they were all around my brother in laws mattress and box spring. I got the info on the mattress covers, crevices, bagging clothes and all, sprays and dust sprays. It was confirmed bed bug so cause of my phobia to certain bugs, i called a pest company and yelled come now to tell me what this freaking bug is. I told my mom to toss the damn bed, that i didn’t care if she treated it the way the pest control guy told her too.
I went to Home Builder Hardware where I purchased industrial bed bugs spray and mattress covers and box spring encasement. Keep the mattress cover on the mattress for Typical bed bug spots and smears on a mattress. Close the zipper completely and attach the Secure Seal® zip tie to ensure complete bed bug protection.
Regardless, I’m going to err on the safe side and buy the mattress and box spring encasements AND pillow encasements too.
These covers cover the whole mattress and there is a zipper around and a velcro over zipper, which seals the mattress.
So, if you find them on bed, just treating the bed doesn’t help; the whole house needs to be exterminated. My partner and I are also getting the mattress covers, vacuuming our room entirely, and throwing everything into a dryer. Three times we had to go get anything out of the room within 3 different days we would find a different bug crawling around the mattresses. I look my dogs over real good and find nothing so now I no I got bed bugs from that client.
We have queen size bed but make sure you purchase king size as the queen size did not fit and for health reasons we could not return the covers. I went to the emergency room twice and doctors didn’t know if I was having an allergic reaction to something, or if the culprit is bed bug bites. If you’re a packrat it’s time to change your ways, throw out that stuff you almost never use, the occasional uses for that junk are not worth the risk that it could be hiding bedbugs.
So, don’t think that you are okay just because you protected your mattress and box springs.
The only encasement anybody should be buying and installing to their beds are ones that can provide testing documentation that proves that their product is indeed bedbug safe…. So we got 3 plastic covers (we couldn’t afford one for my box spring) and covered up out stress, and his mattress and box spring. In order to kill the bugs, the entire piece (mattress, lamp, chair, whatever) has to be 120F *inside* as well as outside (think of it as “cooking” and you don’t want a “raw” center–because guess where the bugs will be hiding). Small blood stops and as we moved the sheets notice very small bugs crawling on the sheets. Our mom didn’t want to do anything because her husband said they are not bedbugs because if they were they would be everywhere In the house. When a bedbug breaths in that diatomaceous it’ll rip into its lungs harder then Rosie O’Donnell rips into a bag of Lays. When stating that the only criteria for a bedbug safe encasement is that they are dust mite proof is very naive and very misleading to anyone who has a bed bug problem…. We then returned our beds to normal (neither of us have a bed frame so its just the mattress and box spring on the floor) brought back the sheets, blankets, and inspected the pillows. When deciding on a mattress encasement, please buy one that will provide testing data to support bedbug protection…. I look like I have a 3rd-world plague, almost my whole arms are covered with sores from the terrible itching.
We were told that we had to have the mattress cover on it that we purchased at the same time as our mattress for our warranty to be valid.
It was sprayed by the exterminator, who also felt it was “safe.” Last night was the 1st time in 5 days that we got to sleep on our own bed again! I am on a very low-fixed income so I can’t afford to leave my house for two weeks, can’t afford to buy a new bed and couch. I live in my bedroom because I threw out my couch and stuffed it into the dumpster so no one would be tempted to take it into their home.

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