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After doing some online research and sifting through reviews of various live-catch mouse and rodent traps, I headed to my local Lowes.
Mice love peanut butterNow that you have your home secured you can be assured your little friends won’t just be living at your house and dining out elsewhere. We placed two traps to maximize our chance of success and learned a couple lessons in the process. It definitely defeats the purpose of humane trapping if you forget to check the trap and your poor little mouse starves to death in a lonely, fecal-filled plastic tube of doom. At under $10 we found the Tomcat Live Catch Mouse Trap a bargainAt around $8, I was skeptical our Tomcat Mousetrap would work. I’ve read that if you let mice go nearby they often will find their way back to your house.
We still have one little mouse on the run that apparently doesn’t like peanut butter.
This time the mousetrap was unsuccessful, but it reminded me that I had seen it action before, and it worked.
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with this product or donot find it fit for the purpose it was purchased, please use ebay return item process to contact us for a Return Number. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. The second night after we sealed up the house, we woke to discover mice had snuck into the cabinet under our kitchen sink and had a field day with our trash scraps.

Leaving the mice in the traps long also increases the chances they might nibble their way out (something a few people using this style of mouse trap reported). I did the first release honors, donning gloves in case we accidentally trapped a wild, rabid, miniature chupacabra. I was even more skeptical when I felt how easily both the bait door and the trap door opened and closed. When I used regular mousetraps he licked the peanut butter clean off the trap without tripping it. The mouse runs out on the ruler to get the cracker, the ruler overbalances, and the mouse falls into the trash can where he waits patiently until you let him out in the morning. It was filed under Fun Stuff and was tagged with life hacks, mouse, mouse trap, walking the plank. They ranged from yummy poison squares to glue traps that adhere the mice to a pad until they die of starvation.
We checked our traps several times a day and surprisingly caught quite a few during daytime hours.
Instead, I popped open the door and after a brief pause, a cute little mouse launched out of the trap and to freedom. Our mouse-trapping adventure wound up being a success, and we hope with a little help from this article, yours will too. Since this a internet sale venue it is important that you read DSR section of listing page before buying so you know your full rights & responsibilities as a buyer.

We learned to remove any other source of food in known mouse haunts so that the food in the trap was their only option.
You can find the Tomcat Livecatch Mousetrap for about $4 on Amazon, roughly half what we paid at Lowes. After we kept catching more mice there was some debate about whether the same mouse was somehow sneaking back into our house for a new snack each day. That eliminated timeout as the issue, and saved us from an awkward talk with Child Protective Services. My advice is, if you have an area of known mouse activity inside, stick to placing your trap along a wall there and save yourself some trips to the crawl space or attic. If you’re using the same style trap as we did, you’ll also want to be sure to set the trap on a level, smooth surface. If you’re paranoid on this front, you could always take your captured mouse for a drive, spin around in circles a few times and make sure the mouse doesn’t have GPS going on his iPhone before releasing. You can find more detailed Rodent-Proofing Strategies from the Tomcat, the company that makes the live catch mouse trap we used.

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