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First, you must determine whether the ants are grease ants or sugar ants (each category includes several different species). The ants will gorge themselves on the ant-equivalent of pork rinds and tell all of their worker ant buddies about it. I was grossed out by the ant army from my door into my kitchen, sink, dishwasher, and cabinet and I admit I raged a nuclear war.

I thought with all the rain that I might see the ants again, but thankfully I haven’t. It works by cutting the ants to pieces from the inside out when eaten or by cutting the ants’ joints. Sprinkling it around helps stop the party before they can line up and dance the Bunny Hop all around the kitchen.

In the meantime, keep all kitchen surfaces clean and dry, keep your food securely sealed, immediately clean up any spills, and never let down your guard.

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