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The amazing army ant of the Amazon rain forestIn this lesson, students will compare and contrast fire ants and army ants. Distribute sticky notes for students to write down one thought about what they think they know about ants.
Because North Carolina is a state that has fire ants, this will most likely be added to the chart. After the chart is completed, ask the students to take a piece of paper and write at least three thoughts about what they want to learn about ants.
Using pictures from books, websites, or other resources, discuss the metamorphosis of the fire ant (eggs, larva, pupa, adult).

You may wish to give each student a copy of this life cycle diagram with the stages covered up.
Inform students that they will now be introduced to an ant that lives in the rain forests of Central and South America. Next, have the students write an informational text about the army ant with an illustration of both the rain forest habitat and the army ant. This site shows a short video of how the fire ants attach themselves to each other when rain envelopes their nests. Black carpenter ants are native to North Carolina and will also most likely be placed on the chart.

Promote discussion about the army ants in the book by asking what the students saw and how the habitat of the fire compares to that of army ants.

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